The giving of wedding favours UK is a symbolic gesture from the bride and groom to their guests.  The gift serves to convey the happy couple’s appreciation to guests for attending their big day and also any presents that they have received.  When you consider that some guests have to travel a long way; the giving of wedding favours really is a nice way of finishing the whole event off.  Here we look at the process of choosing suitable wedding favours for your guests that both the bride and groom are happy with.

Agreeing a budget

The first step in the process of choosing your wedding favours UK should concentrate on agreeing a budget.  Consider how many guests you have coming to the ceremony and then work out how much you can allocate per person.  Do remember that the gift is only supposed to be a token of your appreciation and doesn’t have to be ridiculously priced.  Don’t divert funds away from other more important areas of the wedding just so you can purchase better wedding favours.  Once you have worked out a budget you will then have a better idea of the gift options available to you.

Making a list

The second stage of the process is for the bride and groom to sit alone and make a list of ideas.  We suggest that the bride should first concentrate on ideas for men, with the groom thinking of ideas for the female guests.  Once you have made the lists you can read them out to one-another, before swapping and trying to think of ideas for the other sex.  By reading out your ideas you increase the likelihood of sparking the imagination of your partner.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Once you have both compiled your second list you can start going through and striking out ideas that you don’t both agree on.  Whilst you may come to some disagreements over what do and don’t make good wedding favour gifts; you should hopefully be left with some options that you both like.

Checking availability

Once you are left with your final options you can then take a look online to see if they are readily available.  Be sure to check on the prices of each option before making your final decision.  If you don’t then there is the possibility that items may cost more than you had initially thought and as a result be out of your price range.


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