It has been said the Temptation is the biggest bane of mankind. Ever since “EVE” bit the apple of temptation and sin, from that point on, we have been subjected to numerous flaws and misdeeds in your ways of behavior. The idiosyncrasies of men have increased with every passing decade and it continues to become bizarre by the day.

TCheating Couplehe notion of infidelity is not alien to men. After all they have been sole propagators of this taboo word. The fact is that men just love to wander. During their teens, they want to show how “cool” they are by hanging out with as many girls as possible and during adulthood, they try to woo girls to boost the social skills. This is how most men are and one can’t do much about it. But why should this accusation is thrust upon men alone? Women are equal culprits in this two-timing game. It has been found out that the modern woman is giving tuff competition when it comes to cheating their spouse or partner. Maybe they want to prove that, “if you can cheat on me, so can I”. It’s a strange kind of psychological behavior that makes us do strange things. Leading psychologists are trying to figure out as why people cheat and what is the thought process behind it.

Do you know that one of the major reasons behind infidelity is extreme fights between the couples? Yes, this is true. Small quarrels lead to big and bitter fights and chances are they might think about separation or something like that. During such stages, the man and the woman are in a fragile state of mind and they might end up getting laid with anyone who offers them that comfort and love which they were longing for. They want to vent out their anger by cheating with them and this might be very hazardous to their relationship. Instead of going for this unruly behavior, you should talk it out with your friends and family, as they are the right people to give you some sound advice. Avoid taking hasty decisions because you are going to regret it later on.

Sometimes, couples are unable to satisfy their sexual desires. The expectation of the man might be different from that of the woman and vice versa. Due to various reasons, a man or the woman might not able to please their partner in bed and this might lead to sexual frustration. Sexually, they might not be compatible enough and this can be very troublesome for the couple. When such incompatibility occurs, a partner may want to seek that sexual comfort from somebody else and thus starts the tale of cheating. This is how infidelity begins in some cases. There are men and women around who like to cheat just for the kicks as they would feel very superior when compared to others. It’s got to do with their ego.

Today, men and women are on the race to ignite their professional careers as they are in the search of fame and success. Sometimes, to achieve their goals, they wouldn’t mind flirting with their bosses and superiors in order to take the steep road of success in lesser time. One night stand has become an easy way to reach the top. So you can say that there are people who don’t mind sleeping with people who matter because that would pay them rich dividends in their career front.

So you see there are various reasons as to why humans have this inherent tendency to stray. It doesn’t matter whether you are good, bad or evil, because the fact lies that in each one of us lies that longing to jump to the other side of the fence. Some say its mere curiosity while some say it’s much deeper than that. Well who knows, it runs deep into our psyche. When we can be the wandering types, then why mock animals? Isn’t it? Now that’s a real Food for Thought!

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