Anxious. Sweating. Terrified. All words associated with a first date. Read on for tips to get it just right, so the only first date word you need to know is success!

For as long as people have been dating, the first date has been the most terrifying and daunting of them all. It is not only your opportunity to show someone that their acceptance of your offer is well worth while and they haven’t made a mistake, it is also your chance to make an impression and hopefully earn yourself another date.

The best thing you can do on your first date, is use the little you know about her to do something special. If she’s the outdoorsy type and a thrill seeker, why not skydive than grab lunch for the first date, if she’s fun and high energy — what about dancing?

But if you are truly lost, tradition should prevail. While we move further and further into an era of gender equality — which is a brilliant thing — every now and then a girl still likes to be treated like a lady. So show her a good time, and that you are truly a gentleman. Here are some tips for the perfect traditional first date – understated, but heartfelt!

1. Pick her up
A big rule of thumb is to start the date from the moment she leaves the house — her house. Don’t meet her in the city, get her to pick you up, or find each other somewhere in the middle. Knock on her door, embrace and enjoy the nerves, and escort her out for the evening.

2. A traditional start
In addition to picking her up, once upon a time a gentleman would arrive with flowers. This doesn’t necessarily mean showing up with a bouquet of roses, it may be that bright tulips or soft lilies remind you more of her. The handing over of the flowers is something that traditionally has been a little bit of an embarrassing giggle — but it’s something you both remember later!

3. Dinner
What you choose for dinner isn’t important — it’s the ambience and atmosphere that counts. Going to a fancy restaurant may be a good choice. Or alternatively something quiet like a private little family-owned restaurant that is a best kept secret. Perhaps try something different, especially in summer, perhaps a picnic in a park or near the beach.

4. Gift
While first dates are not for diamond rings, you may want to impress, so a small gesture could be very suitable. Think about what you know about her, what she seems to like, and make sure you don’t come on too strong. While traditionally earrings or something non committal but full of impact might have been preferred, how about a CD that you ‘saw on the way and it reminded you of her’?

5. Finish it correctly
Finally, finish your date in such a way that she is impressed, intrigued and wants more. Drive her to her house and then escort her to the front door. Again, embrace your nerves and see if you can pluck up the courage to say goodbye smoothly and a get a first kiss!



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