Distinguishing the traits of an alpha male in the dating game.

When it comes to the subject of asking a woman out on a date, Men could very well be from Mars and women from a Planet called I have Mace!

Nothing’s as confusing and intricate as the process of approaching a woman you fancy and having the gift to open one’s mouth and have a fountain of the sweetest words gush out to serenade her off her feet and then have her follow you to your dingy little apartment on the east side!

Funny thing is, women, being the meticulous creatures that they are, spend countless hours in front of the mirror trying to make themselves look presentable for any bloke.

On the contrary, the guy called any bloke wakes up one day, forgets to wash his face and brush his teeth, but somehow remembers he needs to find himself a woman to brighten up his day! Whilst that’s the most extreme of situations, you get the picture…women will always prep themselves up for the opportunity to be asked out, and men do not, er, take the time to prepare to find a date.

So, what does it take to find Princess Isadora and be the envy of everyone from Tom, through Dick and Harry?


Confidence comes in many forms, and boosting your belief in yourself will ultimately be like unleashing a highly contagious virus on the female population.
Women can’t help but be drawn to a confident man.
Remember all those cigarette commercials with the Alpha Male? The way he pulled out his ciggies, lit them and drew a lungful of smoke!

Yep, that was all confidence driving those commercials, and droves of people started smoking, on the premise that they too, could swagger like the man in those commercials.

Whatever style and finesse you possess, use it as your beacon of light in your quest to communicate with women.
What you say and how you say it to a woman makes a huge difference between success and failure.

Seduction tips 101 really, what every man should know right? Ahem, I beg to differ, with so much information floating on the net, one would assume every man has a dating tips for men guide stashed up somewhere under their bed or other romantic location, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Alas, confidence is like an unattainable quality only the Zen Masters can hope for, not mere mortals than desire to date gorgeous, elegant yet single women out there!

The mistake most men make is confusing confidence with arrogance or conceit, a complete turn-off for women looking for a good man.

If you’re not already radiating self assurance, then you’re radiating something else, and if you’re not attracting the type of women you desire, then change your thoughts and your attitude.

Most men have the self defeating and false belief that, in order to date the hottest chic in town, one needs to be handsome enough, rich enough or smooth enough to approach a woman with confidence.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me explain

Women, the majority of them anyway, are looking for anyone who comes across as confident and comfortable in their surroundings. Someone easy to talk to, very personable and able to engage in a meaningful and logical conversation with ladies.
Classic definition of the word confidence in the making!

As easy as it sounds, it is true!

Changing your perception of yourself will ultimately convince women to believe in you too.
In a World where women have a morbid, yet legitimate fear of being hurt and abused, you need to reflect an image of safety, a symbol of strength and trust that women can turn to in their most pressing times of intimacy.
Shut out those feelings of self doubt and shyness that overcome you when you’re nervously anticipating talking with a woman.

If you have a negative outlook on life and love, then you’ll create a barrier between yourself and the most available single women.
Project a positive attitude and you’ll be surrounded by plenty of prospects.

Beauty is only skin deep, even the most beautiful women in the World have flaws and wake up feeling somewhat less desirable…and this is what men don’t get…they see a pretty lady and assume she’s taken or could never talk with them, forgetting that, when a woman sees you for the 1st time, the 1st thing that goes into her head is the type of man you are, not your wallet, etc…

Whilst clothing and the way you dress matter, looking like a mush-mellow in hot tea isn’t such a huge priority with these supple creatures, as long as you exude confidence and look like a natural born leader.

Lest we forget, women are human too, and highly gregarious creatures, they practically live on interaction with others, and are generally thrilled by the prospect of being found attractive and alluring to men.

Go get ‘em Tiger!



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