How do you tell if you partner is having an affair or is considering cheating?

Often the signs are there but you just haven’t wanted to believe them. Sometimes your friends or family have suspected your partner is cheating and maybe have even mentioned it to you but you refuse to believe it. The truth is according to a staggering 22% of Americans have cheated on their partner one time or another.

Here are few tips to help you spot a cheat and what to do if you suspect YOUR parter is cheating.

The offending partner may be overly affectionate at first in an attempt to cover up their affair or get over their feelings of guilt.

Over time the unfaithful partner will often start petty arguments or pick faults with their spouse to provide a mental excuse for their behaviour.

Interest in social activities, spending time with their family or simple tasks around the house might go untended for longer than usual.

Sexual urges might diminish especially in male cheats or their sexual demands might change causing you to wonder where they developed a particular sexual interest outside of your own private sex life.

You may notice money missing from shared bank accounts, unexplained credit card bills or missing bank statements.

Often cheating partners will develop new interests in personal grooming. Spending more time on their personal appearance, buying expensive clothes or cologne or trying new hairstyles.

You will often notice changes in your spouses work schedule. Late nights “in the office”, sudden work trips away or even excessive talk about work colleagues whom have never been mentioned in the past.

Your partner may spend more time online either secretly emailing other people or chatting to strangers one. You may notice strange sites in your internet history like adult dating sites or unusual email accounts.

A new interest in going out with “The lads”, coming home late or drunk and scraps of paper with email addresses or phone numbers scribbled on or your partner wanting to take a bath as soon as they get home.

Sudden disliking of your friends may be an indication that they are concerned your friends suspect something or will rat the cheating partner out.

A new found radiance or glow, a spring in their step. These are all signs that your partner may be having an affair. This is more common with cheats than males but is a common sign that something is not right.


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