Planning an ideal date is about knowing the woman you are dating. It doesn’t mean spending much money although it is better to make it personalized and memorable.

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Make her knees tremble with your style


Most guys have an over-all concept of how to date: dine at a good restaurant, buy flowers, start a good conversation and so on. But in the times of over-the-top dates and great anticipations, such steps aren’t always enough to knock-her-to-her-knees.

Know the essentials

There are ways to enhance even the basics. First, be secretive. The more individuals you converse with about your plans, the more likely it will be revealed. Everybody must be on a “must know” basis. If you are thinking about the perfect place to bring her, go with a fine dining restaurant. It is semi-formal, and it is romantic.

Make it personal

Be sure to pick her up on time. Give her a bouquet and a note that you wrote yourself while you are heading to your dating place. Make the letter personal. Start by expressing your thoughts and emotions. You could state your initial impression of her and what made you decide to finally ask her out. Search for a common thread to tie the knot in an artistic manner.

Include what she likes

Try asking her friends and find out what she likes, the things that please her or the usual stuff that she does. Does she like to eat while listening to good music or perhaps see the latest movies? Maybe she loves sports? Tune into these things and be sure to consider them when planning for big a date.

Concentrate on the details

As soon as you have decided where and when your date is, then begin to fill in the blanks with the specifics. What are your expectations if it is your first time getting to know her? What are her expectations of you? Any aspect of the first date can be a major factor of whether you will end up being together or whetherit will be your first and last meeting. Be sure to make things perfect, if possible, starting from the clothes you are wearing, your simple gestures, the gifts that your giving, and many others.

elegant manBe yourself

Yes, it is true that you must plan to do something that pleases your date, but it is also necessary to share your real world. If you love arts, take her to an art gallery or any other museums. Doing things that you really like with your special someone will always be the perfect date.

Think outside the box

The main take-out of these tips is that you must make your date something that replicates you as a man and your unique intentions. Before you ask the question, “Can you be my girl?” think outside the box and plan a date that you will be truly proud to share with others for the many possible years ahead.

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