Ways to spoil your wife include giving her an indulgent gift basket, letting her have a sleep in while you look after the children and giving her a weekend away.

You don’t need an excuse to spoil your wife.  Nor do you have to buy her expensive presents to show her that you care.  Spoiling her could be as simple as spending time with her or you could indulge her and send her luxurious gift baskets or gift hampers full of her favourite foods.

Gift basket

You can either make up a gift basket for your wife yourself or buy one and have it delivered.  If you want to make one up for her you can include a whole range of her favourite products and spend as much or as little as you like.  You could include her favourite chocolates and lollies, special tea or coffee, luxurious soap and body wash, body butter and moisturiser, a book by her favourite author, a movie she enjoyed that has just come out on DVD, theatre or movie tickets, a voucher to a restaurant, candles or incense, wine and cheeses or flowers.  You can order fantastic gift baskets for all occasions but to spoil your wife choose something with special indulgent items like bath products and make up.

Sleep in

Letting your wife have a sleep in on the weekend is something that she will love, especially if you have small children.  When the children wake don’t let her get up to them and get up yourself and look after them.  Shut the bedroom door and make sure that no one can interrupt her sleep in.  Later in the morning wake her with a cup of tea and a cooked brunch in bed.


Either book your wife in for a surprise massage or give her one yourself.  Giving her one yourself is one way to really spoil her as it shows you love her enough to give her the time and effort to make her feel good.  Turn down the lights, light some candles or burn some oils and use some fragrant massage oil.  Massage her back, arms, legs and even her feet.  She will feel completely relaxed afterwards, and if you’ve done a good job she should be fast asleep by the end of it.

Weekend away

To spoil your wife organise an indulgent weekend away.  Either book a flight to somewhere a few hours away, like Tasmania, Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne and stay in a fancy hotel, or book a bed and breakfast a few hours drive from home.  Spend time just the two of you, either shopping, visiting the art gallery or museum, going for a drive in the country, walking through gardens or in a National forest or hunting through antique shops.  Have dinner in a quiet restaurant and eat your lunch outside at a funky cafe.  Ask her what she would like to do when you are away, rather than dragging her around to do things you want to do.


Add a bit of romance back into your life and have a large bunch of roses delivered to her or buy her some jewellery for no reason whatsoever.  Give her the night off and cook her a special meal with all her favourite food or hire a few of her all time favourite movies and cuddle up on the couch together to watch them.


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