I am writing now to tell people about Sweden and how things work here.

There are rules depending if you come from EU or out side EU.

I will only cover coming to Sweden from within the EU…….

Ok as with moving to any EU country from another Eu country you have the option to move there with a form called E303 & E301 which you would get from you local Job Center & or Tax office, these forms will allow you to move to any EU country for 3 months with the intention of looking for work and be entitled to 85% of your last Wage, providing you have been working for the last 12 months and paying all taxes.

This is always something that will help you move to any EU country………….. but you need to look careful at the country you want to move to.

Here in Sweden they have so many strange ways.

If you you are out of work and need to go to the  job center to sign on, regardless of age experiences and qualifications they will make you go to classes that are only really fit for kindergarten also they will make you take Practice place were you have to work full time for a period for free, in my opinion a practice place is for school leavers who have no experience.

Most companies here in Sweden are not fund of employing none Swedish people and will not give you the same opportunity they would a Swedish person.

Buying Property in Sweden:

They have some very strange ways here in Sweden when it comes to buying property.

SO you find a nice flat or apartment you want to buy and you go ahead and buy it only to find out that you do not really own the property and you are not allowed to just live there, you first need to get permission from the local Union to live there and they can turn you down for any number of reasons.

Next you will need to pay rent to the Union every month of around 300 Euros depending on the Union, this money is meant to be for looking after the property and so on but most of these unions are made of other people who also have property’s in the same union and some of them may be cheating you and stealing the money for them self and if caught face very little legal trouble for this.

The union can decide things about changes to the property with out telling you, if they do not like you they can make you move out of the property.

If you were to want to rent the property to someone else this can be done but you are not allowed to make a profit here unless you rent as furnished and then you are only allowed to make very little profit for this.


Tax in Sweden:

The tax system here is one of the highest in the EU……………..

if you are just working as an employee then this is not so bad……

BUT… if you wanted to start a business the tax would most likely kill your business before you got it started.

first you need to pay 25% MOM or Vat on everything you earn.

then you need to pay between 50 – 60 % Tax on all profit.

Then you would also need to pay Social Fund…

Church Tax

and a few other small Taxes.

by which time there is very little left for your self……


I hope you find this info useful I will add to this when I can Please don’t forget  this was provided by


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