If you’ve got kids, you will appreciate the fact that a move can be a range of experiences, from totally disorienting to fun. The disorientation can be rough, and the fun can be dangerous. As much for your own peace of mind as for the kids’ safety, you need to be well organized, and you can get some help from pro removalists keeping things that way.

Kids, moves and problems

Moving kids can be a real labor of love, in both senses. On the one hand they can bustle about helping and being adorable, on the other they can be underneath things or in the wrong places at the wrong times. Kids and furniture removal, especially when moving furniture with ideas of its own about how the law of gravity works, can be truly nerve wracking. The fact is that the sheer weight of the loads is risky, and like an OHS exercise, the idea is to keep them out of harm’s way, all the time.

Create some rules for them and for yourself:

  • Make sure they stay off the stairs and out of tight access areas when things are being moved.
  • Don’t let them get into the truck. (They can get stuck, hide, etc, and the patience of all concerned will take a battering.)
  • Don’t carry big things. (The idea is helpful, the results can be horrifying.)
  • Use the word “Don’t” selectively and specifically.
  • Find positive things for them to do, like stacking things to be put on the truck etc, or packing. This means you’ve got them located and busy during the tricky parts of moving.
  • Make sure they’re keeping track of their own stuff. This is both useful and a great way of making sure of fewer tears because their things can be found easily.

Arriving at the new place

The problems regarding unloading are much the same, but the kids also need to know how to navigate in the new area and the new home. The problem is that you also need to know a lot about the new place and new area, to avoid any obvious issues like making a racket in the stairwell or rampaging around the new place. The laws of human co-existence require new entrants to a neighborhood to be both civil and wary, so follow the social basics from the moment you arrive.

The unloading rules are:

  • Don’t run around- yet. (You can find a few carrots about things you can do later.)
  • Stay put and/or stay close when navigating the neighborhood. (The chances of getting lost are excellent during the early stages of a move, if anyone starts wandering around.)
  • Keep them busy with unpacking and helping shift the things they can manage.
  • Repeat performance re staying out of the way of the big stuff.
  • Stay positive about the things they can do, so it’s not a long series of “Don’ts” as the introduction to the new place.

All pretty simple, but the more fun you can put into the move, the easier it will be.


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