It is a wise career move to undertake QP training and become a Qualified Person. There is a huge demand for QPs and the entry level salary is extremely desirable. It is an ideal move for those who have completed science degrees and are just formulating an idea of what they would like to do for a career.


Experience in general manufacture and quality control must be undertaken in fully licensed premises of a manufacturer of medicinal products. (Fully licensed means in possession of a manufacturers licence.) This practical experience extends over two years for a biologist or chemists and one year for a pharmacist.

It goes without saying that the more practical experience you can gain, the better. Experience is the key to cementing your understanding of pharmaceuticals and the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry.


To undertake QP training, you are generally required to be qualified (by degree or equivalent) in biology, chemistry, microbiology or pharmacy. There are, however, situations where qualifications in medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology are also eligible.

Company Backing

It is strongly advised that you have the backing of a professional company before you enrol on QP training. This is beneficial from an emotional perspective as well as a financial one. You will have sponsorship, time off work and opportunity to gain relevant work experience.

It is not compulsory that you are a member of a relevant professional body; however, it is strongly advised. They will give you support throughout your career and give you assistance in completing your application.


Most will be well aware that it takes an enormous amount of dedication to complete QP training and become a Qualified Person.  QP training is only for people who are highly motivated and dedicated to becoming a Qualified Person. It is essential that you have a real passion for pharmaceuticals.

The modules you will undertake are far from easy, but if you have the dedication then you will find them no problem whatsoever. Through good teaching and a can-do attitude, you will be well on your way to becoming a Qualified Person.

A QP is highly trained is a broad range of subjects. The broader their range of knowledge, the more help they will be in day-to-day problem solving. A QP’s training is never finished. It is a constant learning process. The rewards of QP training are out there if you want them. The question is, have you got what it takes?


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