Alpacas are South American camelid and related to llamas, vicunas and guanacos. Alpaca fiber are very stronger as well as warmer than wool. Alpaca are native to South America and were originally found in Ecuador, Bolivia and northern Chile. Because of similar appearances alpacas were thought to have descended from IIamas. In 2001 researchers proved that alpacas are more closely related to the vicuna.

The alpaca is an animal similar in appearance and origin to the llama. Both descended from wild camelids in South American highlands and both are common in Peru today. The alpaca is smaller than the llama and has smaller ears. It is typically kept for making wool or woven items from its coat. Peruvians that live in the highlands typically use the llama as a beast of burden, though its thick coat is used to make durable items such as rugs and rope.

Alpaca are similar to llama in appearance both and are common in Peru today. Alpacas are smaller than llama and have smaller ears. Alpaca are the gentle animals and they are naturally curious animals. Alpaca has full grown life of 15-20 year and its weight between 100 and 180 pound and stand about three feet tall. Alpaca’s diet is grass, hay and oats. Alpacas are cud-chewer as deer and cow. Alpacas are compact in size, abundant, soft fiber, long neck and ears that typically slightly outward. The alpaca tail is naturally short and low set.

There are two types of breeders of alpacas, the Huacaya and Suri. They are similar in size but differentiated by there warm fiber. The huacays’s dense fiver grows straight out of his body and look soft, the Suri fiver is straight and tend to part along to length of spine.

Alpaca fibers are very popular for its softness, uniform fineness and strength and strong three times than sheep wool. Alpacas have very coarse guard hairs and have thin fiber than llamas. Alpacas provide number of useful products without having to lose their lives. Most of the alpacas live out their expected twenty or twenty five years fully and providing their precious fleece through annual shearing.

Alpacas are small and not dangerous compared to other animal like horse, donkey. Alpacas are less emotionally than a dog and require less veterinary care. These animals mostly appreciated for their amazing fleece. There fleece produces luxurious, strong , warm and silky-soft fiber which uses for the woolen product like scarves, finger-puppet, shirts, socks, sweaters, capes, and other alpacas toys and accessories available in the market.

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