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Pursuing An Accident Claim To Compensate For Impact On Personal Life Following A Work Related Injury

The question of whether to bring an accident claim following an injury sustained in the workplace is one that people often struggle with.  Victims are often torn between loyalty to their employer and the fact that they feel let down by them due to their failure to provide a safe working environment.  The loyalty of an individual can be especially strong in situations where they are working for a small business and have a good relationship with the owner of the company.

The deciding factor in such cases tends to centre on whether the injured party can continue with their work.  Most that suffer an injury that keeps them away from work for a long period of time are more likely to seek compensation.  This is usually due to issues relating to reduction in wages, or in some cases the total loss of earnings.   Those who are able to continue attending work, or who only need a short period of time off, tend not to pursue an accident claim.  But what if the nature of your injury means that you are able to maintain attendance at work, yet there is a negative impact on your personal life?

For example, it could be that you are involved in a trip or fall at work that leaves you with a foot or leg injury.  This wouldn’t stop most people from completing their work duties – especially if they work in an office environment.  However, it could easily prevent the individual from undertaking activities in their personal life, such as sports and exercise.  We know from extensive research that it is important to have a good balance between work and social life and that engaging in activities that you enjoy is a great way of relaxing.  If the ability to partake in such pastimes is taken away from you this can soon lead to stress and depression related issues.

No-one should have to bear such an impact on their quality of life without being properly compensated.  Irrespective of whether your employer is small business with only a few members of staff, or a multinational corporation, they have a duty to provide a safe working environment for their workforce. Their failure to do so isn’t something that you should feel guilty about and you are well within your legal and moral rights to pursue an accident claim if their negligence results in personal injury to yourself.

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