No Win No Fee Injury Claims in the UKNo Win No Fee Injury Claims, how to claim in the UK.

Have you been injured, perhaps in a trip or fall, or in a car accident? In the street or at work, if there’s BLAME, then there’s potentially a CLAIM.

To Claim for Personal Injury in the UK, you will need to be able to prove that negligence was involved, and that there is someone of something to claim against. It does not necessarily have to be a person, it can be any number of types of entity, such as;

The County Council
Your Employer
The Local Supermarket
The Hospital

No Win No Fee Injury Claims in the UK

You are entitled to go about your day to day activities in safety, and those around us have a Duty of Care to make sure that not only YOU, but those around you are safe.

For Example;

This means your employer should make sure you are provided with Personal Protective Equipment and the right tools for the job, it means that hospital staff must be trained to use the equipment in the wards they work on. It also means that factories have procedures in place to protect employees and visitors from risk.

If the Duty of Care is broken then it is likely it would be possible to start a against the negligent party.

To make a claim in the UK it is wise to use a Solicitor, most claims are settled long before any court appearance, and they should deal with every aspect of the case.

No Win No Fee Injury Claims in the UKThe easiest way to deal with any Personal Injury Claim in the UK is to deal with a specialist Claim Management Company and not directly with the solicitor. The Claims Management Company will leaise between you and the solicitor, organise Doctors Appointments and Medical tests. It any Physio Therapy or other treatments are required they will handle this also.

Assuming you are not at fault then it is likely that you will be offered all the above on a No Win No Fee basis. So it should not cost YOU a PENNY to start and successfully complete your Compensation Claim.


No Win No Fee Injury Claims

No Win No Fee Claim time limits in the UK

In the UK you have 3 Years from the Date of the Injury to start your claim. There are a few exceptions to that rule, related to children and injuries not initially noticed.

All Claims Management Companies are Regulated by the UK Government and should clearly display their Claims Registration Number on all types of Advertising, TV, Newspapers and the Web. Look out for the Number, it should look like:


They should deal with all manner of Claims, for example;

Car Accident Claim
Work Accident Claims
Medical Negligence Claims

No Win No Fee Injury Claims, it shouldn’t be difficult, let the Claims Management Company do the hard work, let the negligent party PAY FOR IT.


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