No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim? UK?

No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim? UK?

If you’ve been involved in an accident and it wasn’t your fault then it is possible that you could make a claim against the negligent party. This does not have to be a Car Accident, it can be any incident whereby you are caused injury, either to yourself or your property, for example;

A Trip or Fall at Work.
You break your leg when you trip over a broken paving slab in the street.
You slip on a wet surface at the supermarket and break your hip.

There are any number of occasions where you may find yourself able to make a claim for compensation against a negligent party.

Assuming you are eligible for a No Win No Fee Claim then, depending on the exact circumstances you should be able to claim for anything related to the incident.

Doctors Fees
Legal Fees
Medical Examinations
Expert Witnesses
Prescription Charges
Taxi & Bus Fares
Car Rental Charges
Vehicle Repair costs
Vehicle Recovery

And many more.

, How Much Can I Claim?

On top of the expenses incurred above there is the obvious distress and pain that comes with any injury you have sustained. You are entitled to claim for  compensation with regard to these injuries.

It is not however a matter of  How Much Can I Claim? UK Law is different;

Compensation claims are each individual cases, no two are exactly alike so each one should be dealt with professionally and with the utmost care. Compensation is awarded on a scale that takes into account the injuries sustained and the likely re-habilitation period, coupled with the Pain & distress caused. Further information that is considered is the likely impact on your continued life and any differences it will make.

If your injuries are so severe that you will not be able to return to work ,then the compensation award should give you enough to live comfortably, removing that worry.

If you are using the services of a No Win No Fee Solicitor then they should organise all the relevant paperwork and setup medical examinations. The costs involved will be claimed back from the negligent party.

How Much can I claim and how much will I receive?No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim? UK.

All compensation claims are different however, here is a list of the most common injuries, and the potential compensation awards.

Case 1:

Jane, going about her normal work duties is walking along the corridor between the Staff Canteen and the Office, lying across the carpet is an electric cable being used by some builders working in the gents toilets. Jane does not see the loose, unmarked cable and trips. She lands hard, catching her side on a table as she falls. She breaks her hip.

Jane is taken to hospital by ambulance where she spends 3 weeks recovering from the initial injury. Upon her release from hospital she is told it will be  6 months before she can return to work and that she will require 12 sessions of physiotherapy during that time.

Without going into further details, Jane used a Management Company, and the resulting compensation package covered the legal & medical fees, including her private aftercare.

On top of the above, Jane received £22000 in direct compensation for her injuries. She was on full pay from her employer throughout and her job was available on her return.

Jane has since made a full recovery.

Case 2:

Jon was a passenger in his friends car. Whilst the car was stationary, waiting at a set of traffic lights, a car approaching from behind failed to stop in time and rear ended the car Jon was travelling in.

It was a relatively low speed impact. Neither Car was badly damaged.

Jon used a No Win No Fee Lawyer to deal with the case, after Jon had seen a specialist he was prescribed 4 sessions of physiotherapy, for the whiplash injury he sustained, at a local Bupa hospital.

The No Win No Fee lawyer dealt with every aspect of the case and Jon was awarded £2200 in direct compensation for his injuries.

Jon has since made a full recovery.

No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim? UK?

Hopefully this post will help you in your quest for compensation. If you follow the No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim UK links above you can fill in a quick form, and then, very shortly you will be speaking with a beautiful Young Lady who will help you through every aspect of your claim.

No Win No Fee, How Much Can I Claim? UK?





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