Established in 1970; IDOC, Illinois Department of Corrections, was created to oversee all of the jails, prisons, juvenile delinquent centers, probation, and parole services in the state of Illinois. When IDOC started it was only responsible for seven adult facilities. It now oversees 30 adult correctional centers, not including juvenile delinquent centers or probation and parole services. With such a large system, it is necessary to have an IDOC inmate search tool, as well as understand how to use it.

An IDOC inmate search tool can help ease your mind tremendously. When a person we care about is arrested, we want to know what is going on with them at all times and ensure that they are safe. We want to know what they are being charged with and exactly where they are. Calling the correctional facility itself, often leaves a person empty handed. They do not like to give out information over the phone. Often they will tell you that you need to speak to the inmates social worker, who just happens to never be available to answer the phone. It is just easier and more pleasant to be able to use an inmate search tool. You will almost always find more information using an inmate search than what you would if you had been given over the phone. Especially, with such a large system like IDOC. Please be aware, that it may take up to 24 hours after your inmate is arrested for them to be added into the database. Until they are added, you will not be able to search for the inmate.

You can also use the IDOC inmate search tool to look for sexual offenders. It is extremely important to know if you live near a sexual offender. If you have access to such information you are able to be aware even more and keep your children safe. IDOC has the most aggressive sex offender program in the history of the entire criminal justice field. One of the ways that they monitor sex offenders is with GPS, global positioning system. It is easier to keep the public safer if they know where sex offenders are at all times.

To search for an inmate using an IDOC tool you will need to know pertinent information about the inmate. Last name is always required and sometimes a birth date is as well. It is beneficial to also have their IDOC, also know as inmate identification number, available. Enter in the required information into the IDOC inmate search tool and then hit enter. A list of possible matches will be displayed. Click the selection that is the inmate that you are searching for. Depending on the search tool that you use, you may see the following information; full name, pictures, any arrest warrant information, institution, offender status, offender location, date of birth, weigh, hair color, gender, height, race, eye color, admission date, parole or probation information, and sentencing information. Sentence information includes charges, offence date, county, class, and the length of sentencing time. All of this information is public and can be viewed by anyone at any time.

Inmate search tools are available to the public to inform them of the status of their loved ones. They are also available to the public to promote the interest of public safety. It is recommended that you run an IDOC inmate search tool with anyone that you interact on a daily basis especially neighbors, teachers, anyone that will be in your home like repair men, church members and so on. It is always better to do an IDOC inmate search and know that you and your family are safe.


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