How much does a divorce costMore and more people are getting a divorce these days. Some of them for pretty good reasons, others just because they want to try something new. We all know that a marriage is supposed to last forever but the reality is totally different. Just in the United States more than 45% of the married couples are getting a divorce.

These are facts, true statistics that surround our lives. One of the biggest parts in this situation is played by the media. People have an obvious tendency of copying everything they see on TV. They see famous people marrying and divorcing the same day and think this is the best way to live your life.

What they don’t know is that those people can afford that type of life while most of the ordinary people don’t. Getting a divorce is not like a walk in the park. It can take years sometimes and you have to prepare yourself with lots of stress, especially if you’re in a situation that makes cooperation with your partner impossible.

The other thing you must think about is how it will impact your children, if you have any, especially if they are at an early age. The kids are used to having two parents and they most probably like and enjoy that. How are you going to tell them that suddenly they have to choose between mommy and daddy and that they will see one of their parents once a week or worse, once a month ?

You see, when you’re thinking about you must understand that it involves two types of costs, the emotional and the material one. Right now you might be thinking just about the last one but time will make you understand that’s not the only reason we’re living. When a couple separates there is a lot of emotional stress involved too, if not for you, for your families, for your children, probably for your partner too.

So, from my point of view you have to count that as a cost too. Now, regarding the money, depending on how much a divorce might take and the quantity of goods that must be separated, you must arm yourself with lots of money, especially for your lawyers. Not to mention all the taxes you’ll have to pay and all of the days that you’ll have to skip work because you have to get to court.

There might be a solution and that is getting to a divorce settlement agreement with your husband, but that is very rare.

I understand your frustration and I know that even though we made a promise when we got married, sometimes the people you got married to change and they become unrecognizable but you have to try and fix things and only after doing that and getting unsatisfying results finally get to a divorce.

You will feel better with yourself and go through everything more peacefully. Hopefully and must I say surely you will get the results you want and have the success you are seeking in court!


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