If you find yourself in the position that you have been arrested and charged with the offence of drink driving, or rather Driving Under the Influence, as it is known, then you will quickly realise how serious an offence it can be. Provided that you have not seriously injured or even killed someone (and in which case you should consider yourself extremely fortunate and thankful) then the consequences will be mostly to do with your record and your long-term future.

The initial problem you face and the first effect of your charge will be the punishment meted out to you by the courts. The courts tend to frown heavily on DUI convictions and the penalties they can give you range from alcohol regimes through devices attached to your ignition to significant pecuniary fines to a length of time in jail. Whichever punishment you end up with, it will cause you problems in the short term.

But most people who get convicted of DUI fail to realise that it is through the longer term that the DUI conviction will cause them real problems. That’s because Driving Under the Influence leads to a permanent criminal record and that criminal record will be with you for the rest of your life. This in turn means that you will be seriously hampered when it comes to your career and any potential job prospects that might come your way. There wont be any employer that will honestly take you on when there are other candidates who might be just as suited to their job as you but who don’t come with the baggage of a criminal record.

However, you should not despair totally. It might just be possible that you can do something to fix your situation if you live in a state like Illinois (and others) where it is possible to have your records cleared. It is still possible, should you know how the law works, or likelier still, should you have access to one of the Illinois drunk driving lawyers, to have DUI convictions expunged from your personal record. All you need to do is look for an attorney who is an expert in Driving Under the Influence offences in your state and then call them. In all likelihood they will be able to get your record cleared. However it may well be a complex and time intensive process so its probably best not to think about trying to fix this yourself. Lawyers may be expensive, but it will be money well spent and investing in a DUI lawyer may well buy back your future. Provided you have fulfilled and finished your probationary conditions, clearing your DUI is something you should seriously consider.


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