The living room is often for most families the room that the most time is spent within and needs to play host to a range of activities and moods. It needs to be able to adapt between a playroom for the children, to a chilled out room in the evening or even just a place to sit and chat. Therefore the lighting in the room needs to be flexible enough to adapt to itself to all of these situations. Here are some tips for lighting your living room well to give it a welcome glow.

Different Levels of lighting

Using one main ceiling light is not a good idea for the lounge, it creates glare and harsh shadows around the edges of the room and will make the room feel less welcoming. Instead you should use different levels of lighting to soften the shadows and reduce glare around the room, while keeping the room bright. Try adding a couple of table lamps around the room and a floor lamp in a corner, away from where children could possibly knock it over. This coupled with some feature lighting to highlight certain aspects of the room such as paintings, display cabinets will give an interestingly lit room and makes its users feel comfortable and at ease.

Antique Brass Ceiling Lights

Ideal Living Room Ceiling Lighting

Your ceiling light should not be downward pointing, this would create shadows around the room, which you should try and avoid. A good example of a ceiling light would be a multiple armed antique brass ceiling light which would distribute the light around the room evenly and not just downwards.

Style of your lights

The lights you use in your living room should fit the theme your going for or at least match each other. Using mismatched lamps and ceiling lights will look out of place. For example if you have antique style furniture and decor, but have a modern black chrome ceiling light, it wouldn’t fit the look your going for.

Keep things flexible

You should avoid too much fixed lighting in the living room. If furniture is moved around, the lighting needs to be repositioned to be most effective and just to fit in general. Having fixed lighting such as wall lights are difficult to move and may not work in their old position after having moved the furniture. You would be better off getting a floor reading lamp with a long stand to replace a wall light in a fixed position. Also it could then have multiple uses in future, to light a desk, as a reading light or just as corning lighting to soften the edges of the room.

Use Softer Lighting Near Your Television

The last thing you want when watching TV, is a very bright lamp glaring in your eyes. However, on the other hand, no lighting near your TV can produce glare itself. Using a soft lamp behind the screen can soften the lighting around the edge of the screen, reducing the strain on your eyes.



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