Showers in general are very popular amongst the general public.  They are much quicker than taking a bath and the best option when you wake up in the morning and are rushing to get ready for work.  They are also more refreshing than taking a bath and help to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead.  However, a shower situated in the bath isn’t always an option for some; instead they need the benefits that a walk in shower offers.  But what are these benefits and is a walk in shower the right choice for your needs?

Space and style

One of the most common reasons that homeowners choose to install walk in shower enclosures is that they take up less space than bathtubs.  They can be a great way of adding an extra bathing solution to the home and can be fitted in a room that would be otherwise too small.  The use of glass doors allows light to penetrate all corners of the room and thus creates an illusion of space.  Walk in shower enclosures are also an easy way of creating a more modern décor style in the bathroom.

Considering safety

As we get older something as simple as taking a bath can become a dangerous task.  Simply misjudging the height of the bath whilst entering or exiting could result in a nasty fall.  Walk in shower enclosures are all on the same level, which greatly reduces the chances of such an accident occurring.  In order to increase safety further; most shower enclosures come inclusive with slip resistant flooring that offers excellent grip even when wet.  If you or anyone in the house struggles to stand up for a long period of time then you also have the option of installing a fold down chair which can be used during showering.

Solution for the disabled

The final benefits that walk in shower enclosures offer focus on those with physical disabilities.  Getting in and out of a bath can be challenging for anyone with a disability and will often require the assistance of a helper.  In comparison, many will allow for a wheelchair to be wheeled in; perhaps removing the need for a helper and providing independence for the user.  Where either a disabled or perhaps elderly person does require the assistance of someone else during showering, half height doors are available, which provide access to the shower area.


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