Energy costs are skyrocketing, so it’s more important than ever to find ways to save energy.

Here are ten tips, ranging from very simple ideas to major projects.

  1. Turn of lights and appliances when not in use!You’ll save directly on energy, but you’ll also save on cooling costs during the summer, because light bulbs, computers, and appliances give off lots of heat.You can also save a lot of energy by adjusting your refrigerator temperature, lowering your hot water heater temperature, and making sure your dishwasher is full before you run it.
  2. Replace incandescent light bulbs.Fluorescent bulbs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs, and as an added bonus, they give off much less heat. The bulbs last up to ten times longer than incandescents, so you won’t need to change light bulbs as often.
  3. Clean and replace air filters.Air conditioners are hot air furnaces are less efficient when the air filers are dirty or clogged. Regularly cleaning or replacing air filters is also a good way to reduce allergy problems.
  4. Put a blanket on your water heater.An insulating blanket can be installed in a few minutes and will reduce heat loss from your water heater.
  5. Weatherize your house.Using caulk and weatherstripping to plug small air leaks can have a big impact on energy costs. Though it takes a bit of time, it’s easy work that doesn’t require any special skills. You’ll find information on at
  6. Consider replacing old appliances.Appliances are the biggest energy-users (and energy-wasters) in most homes. Consider replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient models. There may be rebates available from your local utility company, city, or state government to help with the cost.
  7. Get an energy audit.Many insulation contractors and some state agencies offer to help you find the best ways to reduce your energy use.
  8. Upgrade your insulation.New attic insulation and blown-in wall insulation can greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills.
  9. Paint your house.Paint your house a light color (to reflect heat) if you live in a warm climate; paint it a dark color (to absorb heat) if you live in a cold climate.
  10. Replace old windows.Argon-filled double glazed windows greatly reduce energy loss. They also filter street noise, so you’ll find that your house is a lot quieter.

You’ll find many more tips to make your home more energy efficient, as well as at

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