Dogs are one of the most popular forms of pets in Western culture and offer companionship as well as added security to their owners.  In order to keep our dogs in great shape it is essential that we show them the love that they show us and take them for regular walks.  For many owners the chance to get out in the countryside and enjoy a relaxing stroll with their four legged friend is one of the key reasons for buying a dog.  However, in some situations dog owners are forced to keep their dog on a lead, which can prove problematic.  Many dogs simply don’t like being on the lead and will constantly pull on it.  This can prove annoying for the dog walker and suddenly the enjoyable stroll becomes a battle of wills.  Here we look at the innovative Gencon head collar and how it can help return the fun into taking your dog for a walk, even when you have them on the lead.

How it works

The Gencon head collar is a one piece halter that is more comfortable for dogs then the competition on the market.  The halter comprises of two loops, with one going over your dog’s nose and the other over its head around the neck.  As the dog pulls booth loops will tighten a little; applying pressure to the nose area.  This serves to restrict the head and also stops the wearer from pulling.  Whilst this may sound unpleasant, only a small amount of pressure is required to bring your dog under control and the Gencon head collar does not leave the dog in any pain.

Getting the right size

In order to get maximum benefit from your Gencon head collar it is essential that you get the right size to fit your dog, which can be achieved by taking a measurement before ordering.  To get an accurate measurement you should take a piece of tape and wrap it once around your dog’s muzzle, then round the back of the neck and back to the muzzle.  What you should have is a figure eight shape, which you can now measure.  You should then add 3 inches to your measurement to allow for easy fitting and removal.

Additional options

The Gencon head collar is available in a range of colours for those of you that love to stylise your pet.  In addition you can purchase a matching clip lead to complete your dog handling needs.


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