The problem of ticks on cats is one that affects pet owners right across the globe.  The presence of ticks on cats can cause all kinds of problems for our feline friends, including inflation, infections, irritation and hypersensitivity in the affected area.  In addition there is also the chance that the ticks can carry diseases such as Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis; both of which can infect people.  Although they can be treated with antibiotics, the symptoms of each can prove to be rather unpleasant.  So in order to protect both yourself and your cat we would like to highlight the options available in regards to removing ticks on cats.

A comb and tweezers

If you suspect that your cat has ticks then you should give them a thorough examination.  In fact, you should carry out regular checks of your cat even if you haven’t spotted any problems just to keep on top of things.  Checking can be carried out by using a specialised tick comb which should be run through your cat’s hair in the opposition direction to which it is growing.  Ensure that the comb is touching the skin, without pressing to hard.  Where you feel any raised areas you should spread the hair and inspect the skin further.  If you do find a tick then you can remove it by grabbing hold with a pair of fine tweezers and pulling it straight out.  Try to pull the tick in a smooth motion to avoid the head breaking off and remaining in your cat’s skin.  Although your cat may be a bit confused or scared the first time you try this, it should eventually become used to the inspection process and even enjoy it.

Medicated solutions

If you are struggling to deal with a tick infestation on your cat then there are numerous other forms of treatment that can help in conjunction with the comb and tweezers approach.  These include once a month treatments as well as ones that should be administered on a daily basis, such as shampoos, sprays, powders, collars and dips.  It is always advisable to consult a vet before using any of these treatments.

Preventative measures

The best way to treat ticks on cats is to try and prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.  This could be done through the use of monthly treatment that serves to deal with any ticks that may find their way onto your cat’s skin.  Again you should consult your vet before using any of these treatments.  In addition you should try and reduce the number of ticks on your property by regularly vacuuming, cutting grass and washing the cats bedding.


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