One can see the cat backing the door, lifting the tails and passing urine as fine spray. Cat spraying is a very common seen in any house that has pet cat. Be informed that your cat is spraying. You have a real problem in hand. Not to worry much! This can be solved.

According to the British association of pet behavior councilors, the marking behavior of the cat and the aggressive behavior of dog are the biggest behavioral problem. UK pet population confirms this fact

Spraying, as one should understand is not a litter box problem but a marking behavior. The cat spray enriched with pheromones. Pheromones are the substances that are used by the cat to communicate.  The pheromones combination is unique to the cat, which resembles finger print to the human beings. Hence these pheromones can be used to identify the cat.

In general,  the territory of a cat is marked by cat spraying. The cat simply informs the other cat that this is his area, let the other cat doesn’t try to come and disturb him for whatever may be the reason. The pet owner may not like the spraying. But showing anger to the cat doesn’t help. Instead the cat may indulge in more spraying.

The cats that are in heat are getting attracted by the odor of the urine. For those cats this urine smell is like an open invitation for love making. You can see the result in next 65 days. There will be small cute kittens in the litter box. The cats generally indulge in spraying during the sexual encounters. But few cats do spray while they are in conflict with the other cat. Some cats spray while under stress too.

For the pet owners the smell of the urine is not going to be pleasant. But the good news here is that most cats spray outside the house. But, in case if they spray inside the house, can one do anything about it? Yes. There are few solutions to get out of that menace.

The most effective method is spaying or neutering the cat. The castrated toms stop spraying, the day it was castrated. But few may not like to neuter the cat. They may have reasons for that. If that is the case, then one must find out why the cat sprays.

If the cat sprays, the moment it sees something objectionable, try to block the cat from viewing the same.

If the spraying is due to the conflict with the other cat, then please separate the both.

If the reason for the spraying is not well understood by you, then you have no other alternative but to consult a veterinarian. He will investigate and find out if there are any medical problems.

But, it is imperative to find out the reason for spraying and solve that once for all. Otherwise the house will look clumsy with the smell and stain created by the spraying.


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