The most popular fashion trend lately has been using a pet as an accessory. Just like someone may wear a flashy belt, jewelry, or a hat, having a pet on your arm is thought be very fashionable these days. While having a small dog such as a Chiwowa used to be very common, it has become almost cliche. The days of celebrities being innovative by walking the red carpet with a small dog is over. The newest way to turn heads is by having a more distinguished and rare animal to tote around. One of the most trendy pets lately has been purchasing a cute little hamster. This can be an amazing look for anyone. Having a little hamster is actually gender neutral as it would be a sweet look for any males or females.

There are many different types of pet hamster species to choose from. The two main species are the normal sized hamster and also the dwarf hamster is becoming. The normal hamsters are probably just what you imagine. They are about six to eight inches long full grown and will never grow to weigh more than a few pounds. The best part about owning a hamster is the diverse colors that you can choose from. There are white, brown, black, striped, spotted, and attention deficit disorder hamsters. Most all of them are very adorable and your will be able to pick one that suits your look and personality perfectly. When strutting around with a hamster, there are a few different positions they can ride. You can hold the hamster inside your hands with either one or two of them at the same time. You can clutch them above your elbow and in between your arm and your abdomen. You can also have the hamster ride on top of your shoulder much like a parrot would sit. Dwarf hamster are just much smaller species of rodent than the normal hamster but they can ride in the positions described above.

To keep your hamster looking fresh, there are some necessary hamster care activities to do. The first thing is to keep your hamster as clean as possible. To have a hamster that you carry around to red carpets, it must be groomed very well. This means regular hair cuts and showers. In terms of off hamster care it is essential to keep the hamster cage as clean as possible. If they are sleeping at night on top of their own feces, how are they going to be shining on the red carpet? If you want your hamster to be that model type, you must clean their enclosure at a minimum of a biweekly basis. Keeping a clean hamster cage is a great way to let your hamster live a happy and healthy life. Other ways to keep your pet hamster healthy is by providing a proper feeding schedule and also by getting it some exercise. Make sure to clean their water source regularly and do not let their food sit out for to long. Every singly hamster hutch needs its own hamster wheel. This way they can exercise whenever they need a little run. You can also purchase a hamster ball for them to run around the house. Providing the largest possible hamster cages for your pet is also a great way of letting them get extra exercise and better beauty sleep.


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