I often read in forums about people’s fixed view of whether male or female dogs are better. This is usually written by people wanted to select the ‘ideal dog’. So what are the differences, if any?

Firstly, I can tell you from all of the dogs that I have walked, that there is no inherent difference in the sexes of ‘normal’ dogs. Unless you turn a dog upside down you are unlikely to be able to tell just from its individual behaviour what sex it is.


And here is the irony is all these questions about dog sexes. All dogs except for those used specifically for professional breeding should be de-sexed. There are numerous reasons but here are just some of them. Male and female dogs that are not de-sexed will ‘act up’ when the female is in heat. They will not listen to commands, they may run away and they are much more likely to fight. Just as important to humans is the fact that most vets suggest dogs should be de-sexed because not only will it stop unwanted pregnancies, but it can considerably increase their lifespan.

In particular male dogs are quite susceptible to testicular cancer in older age which will either be very expensive to fix or inoperable. And of course if your dog does get in a fight over sex, the operations or the chance of it being put to sleep by council ordinance (if it causes and accident or bites someone) are also dramatically increased.

So, having read these reasons and the fact that the majority of dogs are de-sexed, the hormones that might cause many of the issues and differences between the sexes are also dramatically decreased.


If you look up this on google you will find as many sites saying that either sex has the tendency to roam, cause fights over territory etc. Clearly is so many sites get it wrong, mostly based on personal opinion it would seem, then there is no clear answer.

Some say that one sex is more focussed and easier to train, other say that the male is more likely to wander but is more affectionate.

The truth is that an stereotypical tendencies are more likely to be present in the general behaviour of a breed than in the differences between the sexes of any one breed. You will also find that the environment, the type of food fed to the dog in its crucial brain development states and the ongoing socialization has FAR more impact on the behaviour of any dog rather than its sex.

Any dog that is exercised well, socialized well, fed well (raw meat) and trained well, will be an ideal dog. They may not always come back to you when you want, but they will be at the top of their game, as far as doing things that a socialized dog should do.

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The only statements that seem to ring true are that if you get a second dog, you should make it be of the opposite sex so they get on better. They say this is particularly important with females as the can be quite territorial in guarding the area for finding the ideal male.

If you have a certain breed in mind and you are after a specific trait such as being a guard dog or whatever, then maybe within a specific breed, trainers will be able to tell you in their experience what makes an easier to train dog. Be aware though that their own prejudices between how they rate the differences in the human sexes may color their advice considerably as well as how they approach training with the dogs. This will then actually causes the difference in the training outcomes – rather than any inherent differences in the dog sexes.



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