Hyperthyroidism is nothing but a hormonal disorder resulting from the over production of thyroid hormone. Excess thyroid hormone increases the metabolic rate thus resulting in series of other complications. This condition is more common in older cats and the treatment for the same is very easy. Medication and surgery are the conventional treatment option for the hypothyroidism. Synthetic thyroid hormones are available in the market and the same will be prescribed for the cat on daily basis. The affected thyroid can also be removed surgically.

Though both conventional and natural treatments are effective, natural treatments are always safe and cheap. The herbal treatment is very effective which improves the function of the thyroid and at the same time take care of the symptoms also. The native herbs such as dwarf nettle, stinging, bugleweed, kelp are very useful in treating the hyperthyroidism. Chinese herbs such as Siberian ginseng and huang qi are equally effective. The herbs are administered to the affected cats as capsules, or tinctures or just added as it is in cat’s food.

Even though other health problems such as cat liver disease is noticed among cats, hyperthyroidism is rare. Other home remedies for hyperthyroidism of cats are discussed below.

Stinging nettle and dwarf helps in maintaining the thyroid function by stimulating circulatory system. These herbs are very effective in normalizing the production of the thyroid hormone and also provide vitamins A, B, AND C as well as minerals. Stinging nettle and dwarf are available as tinctures which can be added directly in cat’s food. Bugle weed which belongs to mint family reduces the amount of thyroid hormone. Bugle weed is available as tablets and also as tinctures. Kelp or bladder wrack controls the normally over active thyroid gland in hyperthyroidism and these herbs are sea vegetable.

Kelp is rich in iodine, which is deficient in cats that are suffering from hyperthyroidism. Bladder wrack and kelp are available in powder form, as tincture and as well as tablets. Few drops of the herb can be mixed in the water or the food that is consumed by the cat will do wonder in treating the hyperthyroidism. We need to make little change in the diet as well to support the function of the herb. Lot of raw beef and poultry should be added in the cat food recipe. The food should be free from salmon, white fish and sea food in general as they contain isoflavones which is suspected to be the main cause of hyperthyroidism. In order to maintain a cat hale and healthy, you should follow perfect cat health care to lengthen the life of the cats.



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