Plenty of people possess pet dogs and plenty of persons use Google. In other research I showed that wealth of a country was usually connected to how many instances they searched for dog info. This was even taking into consideration how many persons use computers and Google’s particular country market percentage.

While this in itself is exciting, a healthy advancement is to question if browsing for dogs online is connected with a peoples actual world dog ownership. That is, we understand that the wealthy search for info on dogs a lot more regularly than people in poorer countries, but can this translate to real-world control? Or more importantly is there a relationship between the number of searches that folk in a country generate and the number of pet dogs they possess?

The following results were discovered in the prior investigation. The UK is undoubtedly the most dog seeking country on the net with around 3.5 searches per man per month. The next best search country is Ireland. Then right after these couple, the next biggest land is America, on about one search per person per calendar month.

You are able to disagree about the validity of Google information and overall amounts discussed, nevertheless it really is the relative valuation of searches among locations which is one of the most important issues. Now remarkably there is not a lot of current easily available world-wide dog ownership statistics. However of those that could be established, an nearly exact equivalent graph for Dog ownership was produced as was for wealthiest countrys dog search habits graph.

Dog ownership can mean a lot of things to many people, but for this post lets assume it means looking after for a dog as accepted by some authority. This suggests not just throwing waste outside the house for dogs to eat, as is typical practice in a number of places in China etc. This is certainly possibly why ownership/Control is so closely related to the success of a country, because if you happen to be poor you cannot probably find the money to pay vet bills and all of those other associated costs that happen in advanced countries.

The primary variations in ownership and riches graphs are:

Japan has a whole lot higher wealth than it does have control of pet dogs. This is due to extremely limited dwelling situations in big spots in Japan.

The UK pet dog ownership is approximately the equivalent amount as major Euro countries which include France & Germany yet the UK lookups are much more often for dog connected topics. Since the BRITISH ISLES is identified as increasingly being a ‘dog loving ’ country and creating many breeds, it is perhaps expected that their online interest could be the highest of all countries.

The biggest surprise of this investigation is that while America has merely about half of the lookups about dogs per thirty days than the UK does, it has nearly double the dog ownership of the UK. This is astonishing because you might casually think that a country that searches most about a subject, would likely also have the a lot of real-world purchases of that thing. In marketing and internet terms it is broadly recognized that America leads most places in adoption new issues, so a region like The usa which has such high dog ownership would be anticipated to have substantial search amounts, but it fails to.

It could appear that while People in america have many dogs, that it is possible the control is over rural places where there’s more terrain that tends to make up such a big country wide number. And probably it is Americans fascination with mass media and celebrities that has it steer more searches towards these topics instead of on the pet dogs they possess?

THE AUTHOR = Bruce is a dog walker (MBA) who researches and creates . He also sells the worlds most natural healthy dog treats & writes on dog nutrition. Other interests are the Leading Gluten Free restaurant directory


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