All of us know very well that today’s modern world fast paced. Thing are moving very fast around us. People hardly find any time to relax. As a result,  there are numerous health problems one has to face now. The people are under stress as there is no proper relaxation for the mind and soul. The stress related problems are on the rise of late. The pets are boon to the human beings. Those who have the pet at home will know how much they are relieved of the stress when they spend some time with their lovely pet. The cats are the best pet like the dog. More and more people are going in for cat petting. The reason is very simple; the cats are liked by all members of the family.  Let us discuss about it here…

Cat prefers to mark its area. Spraying is the common way of marking the area. But many cats indulge in urination and defecation to mark its area. One can very suspect the marking behavior if there is any change in the environment of the cat. Any kind of social change will trigger the marking behavior of the cat. If new pet is introduced in the house, then there can be marking behavior.

The new pet introduced may be another cat or any other animal. There can be new baby arrival in the house. The owner will be certainly spending more time with the baby. He or she will be more attentive towards the baby. Naturally the owner will have less attention at least for some time towards the pet cat. This happens in every house. This will certainly disturb the cat and the marking behavior can be expected from the cat.

The owner may go out on tour either personal or official. The cat will certainly feel lonely. The cat may be getting its food, water etc on time but the personal touch of the owner will be definitely missed. The cat may feel insecure and may indulge in marking behavior. The catsuse their urine to mark their area whenever they feel insecure.

As a matter of fact the cats use the olfactory sense for the communication purpose with the other cats. Olfactory sense is nothing but sense of smell. The sense of smell in cat is much more developed than the sense of smell of that of the human beings. In fact the sense of smell of cat can not be compared with human beings at all. The sense of smell of the cat is thousand times more sensitive that that of the human beings. If you want more details about the cat marking behavior, try to Google the word to find more interesting stories and also ways to curtail cat marking behavior.


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