Wanna to choose fish as your hobby? If so, you should know how to set up your first freshwater aquarium for freshwater fish. A number of fresh water aquarium fish species can be bred successfully at home. Some of the varieties are Bichirs, catfish, reedfish, Cichlids, Live bearers, Labyrinth fish etc.

You need to adopt a few steps while rearing different types of fresh water aquarium fish. First you need to choose what type of fish will suit your budget. The freshwater aquarium fish you choose should be easy for maintain and at the same time it should not be cost you dearly.

You should inquire and make a thorough study before selecting your freshwater aquarium fish. It should adapt to your home’s room temperature and lighting conditions. Select appropriate aquatic plants that provide nourishment as well as oxygen to your fresh water aquarium fish. You should periodically change the water or Algae begins to form on your aquarium. This is an important step in

Maintain a cleaning schedule for cleaning your aquarium .You can leisurely clean your aquarium on weekends. Like Saturdays or Sundays. If you fail to clean your fish tank on that scheduled day, a small patch of algae will grow triple in amount. Overgrowing or abundance of algae will make the water unclean and be a hindrance to your freshwater aquarium fish.

Selecting food is also a vital aspect for your fresh water aquarium fish. Some fish are carnivorous fish (Beta fish, Oscar, etc.). They have conical teeth which help in capturing small fishes. Carnivorous fishes should be provided with two types of foods- viz., frozen food or live food. Carnivorous fishes are natural hunters. Hence providing live food can really excite them.

The herbivorous fish have down turned mouth which helps in grazing and eating the algae. Some are omnivorous. They feed both on plants as well as on animals. The instantly available fish food comes in flake shape and contains both plants and animal content. Though the instant fish foods will keep the tropical fish alive, they are not ideal staple food for most of fresh water aquarium fishes.

Rearing freshwater aquarium fish at home creates a sense of tranquility affection and other good qualities at home. The family members will live in calm harmonious surroundings. They will shed off the quarreling habits. The Chinese mythology advocates breeding of freshwater aquarium fish as an auspicious one. It brings a sure sign of fortune, good luck etc.


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