Most people would agree that moving home is one of the most stressful periods in life, and for those who move house often it can start to become a real bugbear. The key to alleviating some of this stress is in simple planning, which will eliminate some of the small problems that can build up in the days and weeks before a move. Here are some tips that can help you do that:

  • As many tasks as possible should be finished earlier rather than later, and preferably at the first possible opportunity. The sorts of jobs that you can do ahead of time include taking meter readings from your old and new homes before notifying the utilities companies that you’re moving, letting the council/local authority know about your change of address, which is particularly important if moving out of the county, and also letting anyone you’re likely to receive important mail from about your change of address, such as the bank.


  • The type of boxes that you use on moving day might not seem of very much importance, but it can make the difference between a nightmare day and a perfect one. For heavy items, thicker fit-for-purpose cardboard boxes should be used, which are more hard wearing, less likely to tear, can withstand stacking and also can take small amounts of moisture. For delicate items intended for transportation in boxes, bubble wrap should be used.


  • Bed linen should always be packed away last, so that it sits at the top of any boxes and is easily accessed at the other end before unpacking is properly finished. Charging phones fully the night before moving and getting a good amount of sleep will help with proceedings, and packed lunches are always a good idea for when cutlery and plates are still boxed up. A checklist is always a good idea too, to be completed before packing and whilst unpacking again at the new house.


  • When moving with kids, have plenty of refreshments to hand, especially if the journey is likely to be lengthy, and also try and keep them occupied with small jobs to make them feel part of the day, as moving can be a daunting experience, especially for small children.

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