The best places to eat outdoors include cafes, the botanical gardens, the beach, out in the bush, on a boat and in your own back garden.

Somehow food seems to taste better when you are outdoors.  Whether it is because you are simply in a good mood due to the lovely weather or that fact that someone has served up you a beautiful meal at a cafe on the outdoor pavers, eating a meal outdoors is a pleasure and sometimes the whole point of being outside is to have a meal, such as when you go out on a picnic.


Enjoy the shade of a retractable awning and have either breakfast or lunch at a cafe.  Sitting outside in front of a cafe watching the world go by while you sip a perfect coffee is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  There are great cafes dotted around the city or head further out to a cafe by the beach or out in a rural town where you can also enjoy the peace and quiet and the view.

Botanical gardens

All the capital cities around Australia have their own botanical gardens where you can go and enjoy the fresh air and see beautiful and unusual plant species.  Many of the gardens are also home to cafes and restaurants, galleries, children’s gardens and shops for visitors.  Botanical gardens are a great place for a picnic lunch then enjoy a leisurely stroll around while you walk your lunch down.


The best place to eat fish and chips is on the beach, whether sitting on a picnic rug on the sand or watching waves crash into shore during winter from your warm car.  Alternatively pack a picnic lunch along with your sunscreen and mind you don’t get too much sand in your food.


You may be off on a camping trip or out for a picnic with the family, enjoy some traditional Australian fare while reclining on a camp stool or sitting on a log.  Make a camp fire and have a go at cooking damper, billy tea and cooking some snags, chops and hamburgers.

Back garden

Don’t underestimate how nice it can be just sitting out in your own back garden and having a meal.  Put a different spin on your usual evening meal for the kids and have it on a picnic blanket on the lawn or create an outdoor entertainment area that you will use all during the warmer months with your family and friends.  Put in a barbecue and even think about putting in an outdoor pavers.  Buy comfortable outdoor furniture and you will find that you use it all the time during summer.

On a boat

If you have the luxury of owning your own boat or know someone who does then spend time out on the water having a meal.  It may be a fishing boat, a yacht or even a house boat, but eating on the water is a lot of fun and gives you a bit of a taste of what life is like for the rich and famous.


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