Many gardeners are now installing raised garden beds in their gardens.  However, there is still a concern by some regarding how much money it will cost to actually have the raised beds made and then filled with soil suitable for growing vegetables and flowers.  By utilising available cheap topsoil it is possible to greatly reduce the cost of installing raised flower beds.  Whether this brings this price down to what you would consider a reasonable price comes down to a personal decision.  Here we look at the benefits that raised garden beds can offer gardeners to help you make up your mind.

Did the Earth move?

Often when a home owners move into a new property they will discover that the soil in their new garden is not suitable for growing plants or in particular vegetables.  Digging up and replacing large quantities of soil can prove to be a very time consuming activity.  By installing raised flower beds on top of the unsuitable soil they remove the hassle of carrying out all of that digging.  The raised beds can then simply be filled with cheap topsoil.

Easy to maintain

The use of raised flower beds is also particularly popular in the elderly and those suffering from physical handicaps.  This is because they are much easier to maintain than traditional garden beds as they do not require gardeners to kneel down or bend over.

Excellent results

The final benefit of using raised benefits is that you can often get better results than when growing flowers and vegetables in normal garden beds.  This is mainly due to the fact that soil in raised beds tends to drain much better than soil that is located on the floor.  The reasoning behind this is that soil on the floor is often trodden on and thus becomes compacted; whereas soil in raised beds never has serious amounts of pressure put on it.

The cheap topsoil option

Whether you are planning on growing your own vegetables or simply wanting to brighten up your garden; cheap topsoil will usually be suitable for your raised garden beds.  In the event that you want to give your little babies an extra boost then you can fill the bottom two thirds of the raised beds with cheap topsoil and then fill the final third with suitable growing compost.


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