Kitchen renovations are one of the most financially sound home improvements around. It’s the room in the house that garners the most attention. It’s where guests congregate, families bond and simple ingredients are turned into works of art.

No matter your age or food preference, the kitchen is the room in which you make holiday baking memories and laugh over failed recipe attempts. It’s where your kids sit at the counter to work on their math homework. It’s the most important room in the house, which is why it’s one of the most remodeled rooms in a home. But kitchen renovations require careful thought.


Homeowners want functionality in their kitchens. As the years go by, designers and builders find more ways to make kitchens more functional, designing them with accessibility and utility in mind. They’re larger, more open and easier to work with now than they were years ago.

One of the most functional additions to any kitchen is the inclusion of storage drawers. Perhaps your grandmother hung her pots and pans over the island years ago, but yours will fit nicely stacked into sliding drawers.

Aesthetic appeal

What makes a kitchen so appealing is the hominess it offers your family. It doesn’t matter if you choose stark white cabinets with an abundance of natural light, or dark espresso cabinets with ambient lighting. It’s the quality of the materials that counts.

High-end cabinetry and counter tops not only make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable as well. Granite is the most popular choice for counter top because of its looks and its sturdy construction. It’s impossible to destroy.


Sleek, understated appliances are often the ones homeowners choose when remodeling their kitchens. There’s little that makes such an impact on a room more than a set of new appliances in shining silver.

Mixing modern and traditional

The one thing to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen is to remember a bit of the traditional with your favored modern touches. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to appeal to both the younger and the older generations. Trends show that seniors eat out more now than they ever did in the past. As a result, they’ll likely want something a little more out of their current kitchen than they did when they were raising families.

You’ll want your kitchen to show well to those who want to cook exotic foods in a room that gives them the space they need just as much as you’ll want it to show well to those who envision traditional Christmas dinners cooking and pies baking.


Your kitchen is what you make of it, especially when it comes to renovating. Take care to choose high-end upgrades that encompass the traditional with a modern twist.



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