Curtains are, to be frank, not the most exciting of subjects – their purpose is primarily practical and any aesthetic value that can be drawn from these window treatments is usually minimal and incidental. Curtain poles, however, have increasingly begun to be used to add vibrancy to otherwise pedestrian accessories. As an integral part of a room’s look a few considerations have to be made whilst erecting these poles from which to hang the curtains.

The first step is, of course, to measure the window where the curtains and poles will be situated. Do not, however, purchase a curtain pole which is exactly the length of the window; some excess will be needed so it is suggested that the pole should be at least five inches longer than the window. If, for example, the window measured 35 inches across then a 40 inch pole would be the optimum length. It is worth then collating the appropriate tools and hardware necessary to erect the chosen pole and, whilst this can differ slightly from design to design, there are some constants. The basic tools needed consist of the pole itself, screws, a drill, brackets, a tape measure, a pencil and a screwdriver.

Once this equipment has been assembled, pole brackets should be mounted parallel to each other a couple of inches away from the window’s edge. As the curtain pole is about five inches longer than the window, the pole should have two and a half inches extending to each side of the window – make sure this length is symmetrical to ensure the best overall look. If the window is exceptionally long, or the curtains are exceedingly heavy, then it may be worth investing in a third bracket, placed in the middle of the pole, to stop the pole from bending and succumbing to the curtains weight.

Even if the poll is bought at the correct length tit could be rendered entirely useless if the levelling is not done correctly. Similarly it is important the curtains are measured; whilst many like their curtains to almost reach the floor, the bare minimum that can be asked of them is that they are longer than the windows. It is possible to use the curtain pole to ascertain level by placing it above the edge of the window. After this mark this space with a pencil level at either end.

If a curtain pole proves to be too long, for example a spare foot of pole at either side of the window would constitute too great a length, it is possible to modify them via sawing. For wooden poles this task is easiest – a pull saw would constitute an ideal tool to saw the pole. Metal poles would require more thorough saws including, perhaps, a metal hacksaw.

Before the brackets are placed on the wall it is essential to make sure they are to be erected in the correct place – it is easy to judge this by measuring with a tape and making pencil marks in the appropriate locations. Once this is done it is possible to attach the brackets to the wall or ceiling by drilling starter holes in the appropriate places. After this, line up the brackets with the start holes and use a cordless drill or screwdriver to insert the screws. It is now possible to mount the curtain pole over the brackets. Once all the screws have been checked for looseness it is possible now to hag the curtains.



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