The dining room is generally used as a place to eat breakfast in the morning or enjoy a family meal in the evening, however it can also be used for other occasions. It is an important area in a couples or families life for entertaining guests, sorting out your accounts or for your children to do their homework. This means that there also needs to be a good amount of flexibility in your dining rooms lighting in order to cater for the different moods required.

The main feature or focus point in the dining room should always be the table, so lighting needs to be chosen and positioned to compliment this. Firstly, you need to take the size and style of the room before choosing your lighting. A modern chandelier in a room of antique oak furniture would look out of place, as would a light too big for the available space. Well planned and positioned lighting can really transform a space like a dining room. Bad lighting can completely ruin a room, whereas good lighting give it a whole new life, it can make or break a dining room.

antique brass ceiling lightingA large antique brass ceiling light would be a perfect centerpiece to the dining room and downlighting the dining room table will highlight the table and avoid glare in its occupants eyes. You should make sure you avoid lighting individual diners as they will feel as if they have been thrust into the spotlight. Using this lighting with a dimmer switch will also allow you to to set the right mood for any occasion. For example, bright and lively for the day and for the children doing their homework or dimmer and more intimate lighting for a young couple having dinner together.
The main feature lighting should be accompanied by some gentle background lighting, such as strip light above a canvas or picture frame, uplighting floor lamps or uplighting wall lights. This will soften the lighting around the edges of the room and help add to the atmosphere. Having these additional lights on a different circuit will further allow you to customize the rooms lighting to suit every occasion.


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