Back to school is nearly here and soon your toddlers will be leaving the next and heading off to school.  At the preschool and kindergarten ages, most schools require your toddler to have a nap mat for nap time.  Often parents don’t know this and suddenly need a mat very quickly.  So which brand to buy because there are many brands out there, and how to get a personalized mat right now?

Even for toddlers and certainly for older children they need a backpack.  The question is, are you going to send them with the ratty old backpack hand me down from previous years, or a fashionable new one, personalized with their name on it in fun colors and themes?

Lots of parents think they are going to go the hand me down route, until they see all the other kids at school and suddenly they are scrambling to get a new bag, and stat!

Getting a personalized backpack or nap mat during back-to-school season is tricky because many shops selling them are very small, get backed up during back-to-school season, and suddenly are weeks behind.  Which means you are weeks behind when you need your item RIGHT NOW!

The key is to buy from a reputable shop with deep resources who can keep up with the crush of orders, and who has a huge selection of nap mats and toddler backpacks< to choose from.  Posy Lane is such a shop – they have a full time staff to tend to orders and they add extra staff to get the orders out during the busy season!

Choose from top brands like Mint Sweet Little Things with their full line of backpacks, nap mats, lunch totes, duffle bags, laundry bags and more, all in durable nylon and fun colors and themes, and Stephen Joseph who also have all the kid basics like Mint but go a step beyond with hats, sunglasses, water bottles, towels and more.

Plus their personalization options are simple to use but can’t be beat.  Many sites offer a few thread colors.  Posy Lane offers thread colors to match every product, as well as 40 different shades if you want something different.



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