Over the course of our lives we accumulate many items.  Some of them we hold onto for sentimental reasons; others because we think they may come in useful.  As a result our homes can become cluttered and the bits and pieces can make it look untidy.  Here we offer a few pointers on how to make the best use of your home storage space.

Clear the clutter

Your first step in the battle against clutter is to have a real sort through it all.  Working on a room at a time, go through and sort your belongings into three piles; items you use every day, items you use now and then and items you never use.  You are going to have to be ruthless here and resist the urge to hang on to items that you are realistically never going to use.  Throw out the items you don’t really need, or if they are of some value consider selling or donating them.  Now put any items that you use regularly back into the drawers or cupboards so that they can be easily located when you need them.  With the items that you use infrequently you can store them in a location where they won’t be on show.

Using the attic and basement

This usually means taking advantage of storage space in your basement and attic.  However, don’t be tempted to keep everything just because you have plenty of space in there.  If you do then you will soon find that your attic or basement is overflowing with useless items.  Try to use the areas around the side of the rooms and stack items along the walls to allow easy access.

Storage boxes

Utilising storage boxes is a great way of keeping rooms neat and tidy.  The ability to safely stack your belongings also allows you to make use of space that is higher up as well as improving safety.  If there is a chance of damp in your basement then it is a good idea to go for plastic storage boxes as opposed to cardboard ones.  Not only will this protect your items from water damage; it will also prevent the hassle of rotting boxes.

Useful furniture

If you are struggling for somewhere to keep items that you use on a regular basis, but don’t want them laying around; there are several items of furniture that can help.  Footstools that have internal storage space are a great way of keeping your lounge tidy, whilst adding some comfort.  Another option is to add window seats with storage areas which can add a nice feature whilst being useful.  Finally an ottoman at the foot of your bed can make a handy place to keep your space blankets and pillows.


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