As one of the most essential home appliances, washing machines are something we can’t live without. When making a new purchase, there are many factors to consider. The wide variety of styles, features, and price ranges can make selecting the right one confusing. Unless you are stuck on buying the most expensive model, cheap washing machines can be a smart purchasing decision.

The Name Game

Many of the top manufacturers produce cheaper versions under a separate trade name. This marketing ploy is often used when a company wants to increase sales, yet retain the large price tag on the major brands. An example of this is the Tricity Bendix brand. It is made by Electrolux and has the same specifications as the Zanussi and AEG.

While the manufacturer may claim that there are differences, research will show you that many of the machines have the same replacement part numbers. Most often, they are made at the same factory. This means that if you are willing to sacrifice the name brand, you may just score the equivalent under another name.

Electrolux makes the three brands mentioned earlier, the John Lewis brand, and many more. Candy manufactures Hoover, Zerowatt and Kelvinator. Merloni makes Ariston, Indesit, New World, Philco, Hotpoint, Creda, Cannon, GDA, English Electric, and Thorn. Many of the cheap washing machines only vary by the brand name, trim, and price.

Other Factors

Keep in mind that is not the case for all cheap washing machines. It is worthwhile to read the specifications and compare features. When comparing, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Energy efficiency, style, spinning speed, and water usage make a difference in the cost of operation.

Front loading washing machines are generally more energy efficient and use less water. This can translate into savings on utilities and detergent. The primary trouble spot with these models are front door leaks and small items lodging inside the inner drum. Top loading machines, while they may require more water, seem to clean clothes better.

These also have faster washing speeds than the front load type. For both models, the spinning speed can vary. Faster spinning cycles will remove more water than slower ones. This saves on the drying time and reduces electrical usage. Energy rating labels provide data and a score on energy consumption.

Cheap washing machines can last as long as 11 years, with many top loading styles stretching that to 14 years. This estimate assumes that the appliance will receive typical household use. This makes the initial savings well worth investigating and a smart economical choice.



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