At some point in time your first beautiful little house goes from being a place of retreat to a stepping stone for something bigger. When that time comes, it is important to make sure your house is in prime condition to get the most value out of your initial investment. This collection of tips should help you start on the process to improving your houses value at any point during your time living there.

Make it More Spacious

When new home owners are looking to purchase a house, a huge thing they look for is space for all of their different possessions. Even if you house is small, you can make it look bigger to potential owners by simply moving around and getting rid of excessive furniture and clutter. Making these adjustments will allow your house to show of the space available, instead of having potential buyers tripping over your oversized couch.

Windows Make a Difference

One of the best ways to upgrade your house, although it can be expensive, is to invest in new windows. If your house is over a couple decades old, chances are high that it has single pane windows that really detract from the look, feel and comfort of the house. Installing double pane windows will make your house more secure. It will also help the house to be better insulated, which will save money on electricity needed to heat and cool the house.

Invest in Modern Fixtures

Whether it is faucets for your bathroom or doors for your shower, all houses could use a little TLC gained from upgrading the fixtures. Most people are looking for these amenities when they go to a new house, so investing in a pull out spout kitchen faucet can help increase your houses value. Fixtures with more modern finishes also add to the value of the house. Finishes such as oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel will stand out much more then chrome and polished brass to most potential owners.

Create Storage

Whether that is laying wood down in the attic, adding cabinets to the garage or cleaning up the basement, creating a great way to handle storage can be add a lot of value to the house. Most new home owners want a house that can safely store all of the possessions they have gathered. A house that is so small they have to get a storage unit to store their stuff will be an instant turn off. Combat this by investing in many of the great storage options available to modern home owners.

Clean up Your Front Yard

One of my least favorite projects at my house is working on the landscape; however, this is the first impression potential home owners will receive when contemplating purchasing your house. Trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn and making sure the walkway is up kept is essential to creating a beautiful atmosphere for the front of your house. Hire a gardener or make it a weekend project, but make sure it is done before potential buyers come to take a look.

These are just a few of the tips you should consider when upgrading your house’s value. If you have others, make sure you leave them in the comments.


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