Bed bugs with the scientific name of Cimex lectularius are a human parasite that can be found almost everywhere. However, these parasites are commonly present in tropical areas and also in places’ miles away from the equator. Bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye and their body is flat and the color is reddish brown.

To get rid of bed bugs, try to locate them during the night. These parasites generally hide on cracks and fissures on the wall. At night while the individual is sleeping soundly, the insect took the chance to feed on the blood of the host. Afterwards, the parasite moves on its habitat.

If the bed bugs are present in the mattress, the possibility of dwelling on adjacent object is great. Take time to assess the stuff inside the bedroom such as cabinets, bed posts, carpets and bed linens. It is also important to remember that disposing your entire bed will not totally eradicate these ravenous insects. This is because they as well reside on crevices surrounding the bed. In addition, the opportunistic bed bugs can also go on sofas and chairs, and everywhere they can have a host. The difficult thing is that they move swiftly from one place to another. An amazing internal clock is also the reason why bed bugs are actively sucking at night time.

These days, there are effective methods to . Following these steps might assist homeowners to succeed in the process of eradication. First, find time to observe for the presence of bed bugs. If you see signs of their presence, it is wise to remove all the beddings. Within the room, examine the cracks on the wall, margins of the bed as well as stuff next to it. There are possibilities that bed bugs are seen during the day, but it is a lot easier during the night were in it’s their feeding time.

Moreover, to look for crawling critters, use a durable flashlight. If you notice movements possibly made by these minute insects, perform inspection. Next, on contract should be sprinkled with appropriate insecticide. Doing this would take much of your time, so have patience in doing it. Total destruction of these insects, including their eggs is important because they rapidly multiply. In one year, they can reproduce at least three generations.
Another effective way to get rid of bed bugs is to wash bed linens and clothing’s with hot or warm water. Temperatures more or less that 38 degrees Celsius will completely wash out bugs. On the other hand, if this method is not implied, there’s a chance of bug resettlement is greater. If linens, clothes, carpets and rugs are not washed thoroughly, the bugs might hide again.

Finally, try every method possible to get rid of bugs, unless it is not harmful to the health of homeowners. It is important the people within the house are aware on what to do in case of rapid bed bug multiplication. And if these pests are totally eliminated, put an effort to prevent the recurrence of these insects.



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