One of the best things about going to university or college for many people is that it represents the first time living away from home. To a student it is the start of an adventure of independence and the beginning of an exciting period in their lives. However, because of a lack of experience of living away from their parents it is easy to pick up bad habits that can both lead to unclean and environmentally unfriendly living quarters.

For many students, whose time is taken up either with deep study or perhaps nightlife, making sure they have a low carbon footprint is low on their list of priorities. It is not rare, to save time on washing up, for students to forgo cleaning plates by buying in their paper equivalents and throwing them away after every meal. Takeaway boxes and empty bottles of lager often don’t find themselves in the appropriate recycling facilities and old notes are more likely to be thrown away with the rest of the household waste rather than disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Thankfully there are a few ways in which students can, with small effort, make their dormitory or bedroom more “green”. The first way to do this may seem like common sense but oftentimes is not – with the exciting of getting their own room for the first time many students find themselves purchasing a surplus amount of appliances, food and stationary. These items are thusly regularly wasted. A simple endeavour such as putting together, and sticking to, a shopping list can help with making sure the correct amount of purchasing is done. Waste can be cut down too by refilling old plastic bottles with water rather than buying new ones every day.

For more advanced ways of cutting down on a carbon footprint look at ways in which you can buy localised products; shipped or flown in foods can constitute a great waste of carbon energy when they can be grown nearby. Check at local markets as these are likely to be full with locally grown organic goods.

Secondly look at ways you can recycle and use previously owned items to decorate and populate your bedroom. It is easy to buy quilts or other decorative items for your bedroom from fashionable stores but always be certain to check that a similar good is not available from a second hand store first; this option will result in money being raised for charity, less waste being created and, more often than not, will prove cheaper. Make sure also that your bedding is eco-friendly too; it is possible to buy organic lining or purchase from stores who do their bit for charity with philanthropic donations.


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