Many people like to write on the benefits of remodeling the look and feel of the inside of your house, but few try to tackle the way your house should function in its less then beautiful parts. Whether it is a new valve, expansions tank or sump pump, focusing on keeping these parts of your house functional will let you have more time to worry about the parts everyone sees. So what are some of the important things to consider during a commercial remodel? Here are some of the tops things I see skipped over in many home remodels.

Access Doors

For areas of the house where easy access is needed such as the sewage line entry or the electrical box, installing an access door can help save you the frustration associated with having a gaping hole. Many home owners even elect for some duct taped and plastic to cover the holes over these areas when an access door can be cheap and easy to install. Access doors come in all shapes, sizes and materials with some even having insulation and fire rated features so they can be used for attic covers and other important areas.


Valves are extremely important to a successful home remodel. Everything from the valve behind your shower to the valve under your sink, these protect you from leaks while keeping your fixtures and your overall house water flow working at the desired level.

Especially during remodels where you have to work on the water lines behind a wall, making sure you take the time to correctly install a good valve. Even if it is more money than you would like to spend, taking the time to invest in a well-built valve will save you from having to re-open your wall in the future.

Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are essential in helping to maintain the correct water pressure in your house water lines. They are generally installed directly above the house water heater and can expand to take the pressure that is building up in the lines, thus alleviating the problems that pressure can cause to the water lines such as leakage. Expansion Tanks are cheap products that are relatively easy to install, so taking the time to put one in today will help you thwart future problems.

Sump Pumps

Falling under the “not very fun to work with category” is the basement sump pit. Many houses with basements or add ons take advantage of a good sump system to allow proper and efficient drainage from their pit to the sewage line. Sump pumps make this a breeze, as they can be set up to automatically run when the pit or tank fills to the desired height then turn off when it dips below that again. A good sump pump will save you from a lot of problems and will help you to spend less time worrying about whether the waste is getting correctly removed. Sump pumps can also be used for getting rid of built up rain water in areas with a lot of rain.

Roof Hatches

For the truly commercial and business builders a good roof hatch is required and essential for bigger commercial projects. Roof hatches get installed directly on the roof and allow easy access for working on electrical lines or even in case of emergency. Most roof hatches are designed to withstand the elements and some even have ladders built into them for easy access. Consider a roof hatch if you are working with a commercial building and you need good reliable access to the roof.

These are just a few of the commercial home improvement projects that are essential to successfully completing a job that will stand up to what the years throw at it. I will write another post with more things to consider in the near future. If you have something that you feel I left off, make sure you leave it in the comments.




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