Searching for a great plumber to tackle a serious household project? No doubt you want to make a great hire without burning through too much cash.

Taking some time to research plumbers in your area can save you money and provide extra assurance that your plumber has enough expertise to get the job done. Before you pick up the pen and sign the first contract that comes your way, take a moment and …

1. Check reviews and ratings

Thanks to the Internet, you have a large collection of ways to test the waters before making a decision on a plumber. Find a plumbing company and look for social network comments and reviews to get an idea of what people are saying.

Even better, search for the company on the Better Business Bureau website and find out what its rating is and whether any complaints have been lodged against it recently.

You should also spend some time on the firm’s website. Even if it doesn’t include any reliable reviews, the state of the site and its general upkeep can tell you a lot about what the business values.

2. Ask for a quote

Even if the plumbing company doesn’t say that it offers an estimate on work, ask for one anyway. For smaller jobs, it’s all right to request a ballpark figure on the phone. For larger projects, expect an official estimate.

If the company does not offer an estimate, this should set off warning bells; it can be too easy for the price to jump unexpectedly. A quote will give you the ammunition you need to find the best price among competitors.

3. Look for guarantees and strong scheduling

Does the company offer any guarantees? If something goes wrong during or after the project, you’ll want protection to keep costs from suddenly rising. A reliable contractor will offer guarantees or warranties for their work without charging you anything extra.

Also note how the plumber schedules you in. Efficient operate with strict schedules that set dates you can rely on. Sloppy businesses are less reliable.

4. Understand the contracting arrangement and know the prices

Know how plumber contracts for work and if the company uses subcontractors or not. Large companies use subcontractors but this can make the quality of work less reliable.

You should also have a basic understanding of how much the job should cost. Conduct online search for projects similar to yours to see how much plumbers have charged. Many forums are dedicated to such discussions.



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