Aluminium rain gutters are the most popular gutters on the market today. There are several reasons, including the fact that they can be run in lengths to fit almost any house reducing the number of seams, and they are rust proof. Although aluminium gutters are not perfect, they do offer some advantages over most other guttering systems including price, dent resistance, durability, and colour options.

Long Lasting

Steel gutters will rust in about five years after the paint begins to break down, requiring them to be painted again, and eventually replaced sooner. Aluminium never rusts as long as they are installed properly. Aluminium is colour fast and last at least 30 years. This makes them easily some of the longest lasting and most reliable gutters on the market.


Aluminium rain gutters are easy to install, even for the homeowner. Unlike copper and steel gutters, aluminium does not require soldering during installation. Also, because they are light weight, someone who is fairly handy in doing work around their home can accomplish gutter installation themselves. The main thing is to make certain that the gutters don’t touch any other metal once installed as this can degrade the aluminium causing even these gutters to rust. Avoid this problem, and the gutters should last at least 30 years.


Aluminium rain gutters are manufactured in a greater variety of colour than most other kinds of gutters. It is unusual for a homeowner to not be able to find a gutter to meet the colour needs for their home. However, in the event that the correct colour is not available, aluminium gutters can be painted to meet whatever colour the homeowner has in mind.

Less Chance of Leaking

Because aluminium rain gutters can be manufactured to just about any length needed, it is easy to buy them in lengths that do not require seams. Obviously, a gutter without seams has less chance of leaking. Even when purchased in smaller lengths, the installer can seal the seams with caulk; which is something a homeowner can accomplish on their own without the need for calling professionals.


Aluminium gutters are cheaper than almost any other gutter. Aluminium can cost from 25% to 50% less than steel or copper gutters. This makes them affordable for almost any homeowner who needs protect his or her investment. Homeowners can also buy aluminium gutters with a variation in thickness which can also affect price. If there is a big concern of ice or snow, the denser aluminium gutter is the best choice.  If snow or ice is not a concern, then the medium density gutters will work fine and they will be even less expensive.

Good gutters are an important way to protect the biggest investment most people have; their home. Bad gutters can damage a roof and the siding of a house. Although gutters are not a glamorous purchase, they are important; but aluminium makes this purchase more accessible for just about anyone.


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