Gutters made of copper have earned reputations as some of the strongest, most reliable gutters on the market. Copper is only one of many options for materials when choosing gutters, but provides many benefits that most other gutter materials do not. By nature, copper is strong and resilient, standing up to general wear more easily than steel or aluminium. Furthermore, unlike other materials, copper will never rust or rot. The pros greatly outweigh the cons, making copper gutters excellent choices for keeping a property neat and tidy.

However, gutters made of copper also come with nice little bonuses. Along with guaranteed protection against water damage and general wear, copper has a visual appeal that translates nicely to the exterior of a property, making copper gutters some of the most stylish, fashionable accessories for the outside of the home.

Choose Copper for Style and Flair

Copper gutters succeed where traditional gutter materials fail. Materials like aluminium and steel look decent on most properties, but some properties require that little extra bit of glamour to stand out. Gutters need not only hang from the roof to collect rain and debris; gutters can make bold fashion statements and set a property apart from others in the neighbourhood.

In addition to providing a property exterior with a unique, stylish colour, gutters made of copper can also be customised to accent the home even further. Copper stands up well in the face of extreme heat, making it possible to solder ornamental designs on the sides of the gutters leading up to the entryway; giving the property a truly unique face that guests will remember.

Copper Ages Gracefully

Copper will last longer than most other materials, but it also oxidises. When copper oxidises the colour changes; turning a rich shade of gold, before gradually turning green. The change is slow, usually requiring at least four years before it is become noticeable, and this is a concern for some property owners who prefer the lavish gold colour.

However, a few property owners are in favour of the greenish hue. The ornate hue of traditional copper will never go out of style, but some property owners enjoy the unique shade of oxidised copper; citing its stately appearance as a major advantage for the exteriors of their properties. However, individuals who prefer the shade of traditional copper can apply thin layers of sealants every few months to slow or even stop the oxidation process.

Copper gutters are unique, fashionable accents to property exteriors, serving as practical additions to any home by providing sturdy protection with minimal requirements for maintenance. Whether it is an older property with history or a newer property with character, a home can benefit from the beautiful hints of colour and style provided by copper gutters.


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