When choosing finishing touches to tie a room together, nothing works as perfectly as an area rug. The right accents do much more than protect your floors, they can also add an element of style and comfort to any room. There are a wide range of rugs to choose from, from elegant rectangular ones to unique octagonal-shaped rugs.

When selecting the ideal one for your space, you need to find one that is the correct size, style, color and fiber. You will also need to know the exact purpose the rug will serve: will it be used to protect a hardwood floor or is it more for decor?

Finding the right rug

When purchasing a new rug, you will want to consider the size, style, and fiber of the area rug that will suit the room. The size of the rug is important because you don’t want one that’s too small for the rest of the room, or so large that it cannot fit. Typically good sizes are 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 6′ area rugs.

The style of the rug should complement the room you want to place it in. For example, you wouldn’t pick an rug for a country-style room. If you have elegant and antique furniture in the room, go with a more traditional rug, such as an Oriental style. If your room is on the more edgy side, try rugs with unusual shapes and textures.

Another important element of any rug you choose to buy will be its fiber. This depends upon the style of the rug you want and how much traffic you expect to have in that area of your home. There are many different fibers to choose from, including ones with shorter lengths that only shed at first, and bulk continuous filament, which includes continuous strands without any fuzz.

Where to buy your new rug

Not only do you want to buy a fabulous rug for your home, you want to get one at an affordable price. There are many locations where you can buy upscale rugs at reasonable prices. Check your local home goods stores because they usually have a wide variety of name brand rugs in different designs.

Another place that you can look is a carpet installation store. Not only will their team of professionals be able to install your carpet or rug efficiently and effectively, but they typically carry a wide range of inventory as well.



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