When choosing a style of veranda to suit your home you need to consider things like what you want to use the space for, the size of you home, how large you want your covered area to be and you also need to consider your budget.  Verandas can be installed over an entertainment area in your back garden or you might choose to have a veranda around your entire home.  Pergolas are a similar structure, although they are more open than a veranda.


A flat veranda is the most versatile and also the easiest to construct.  It can be attached to any roof line and also be free standing as well.  You can have it built to any size and it will suit all homes.  A flat veranda could be built from most materials.  Colorbond is a popular choice, or you could use timber or polycarbonate.  You could have inserts of clear polycarbonate to let in extra light as well.


A curved veranda can be built on its own or attached to the house, but can also be a part of a combination of different styles as it works well with a flat veranda or a pergola style.  It creates a more contemporary look and if combined with other styles works better as the central section of veranda.  A curved veranda is also known as a bull nose, which is perfect for period homes, particularly if you are trying to renovate a newer home to make it look more old fashioned.


A pergola can be attached to a house or be built standing in the garden where it is a good structure to use as a support for vines and other climbing plants.  A pergola is traditionally made from timber, often with slots in between, and it lets in light and the weather.  Pergolas are better used in warmer climates, but you can have additions like blinds or sail cloth to offer more protection from the weather.


Usually a gazebo is built an its own and stands in the middle of the lawn or in amongst the garden.  You would need enough space in your garden to have a gazebo, but the size can vary to suit.  The roof line often peaks to a central point or can be built in a dome shape.  It is common for a gazebo to be either more round in shape or a hexagon.  The structure is also usually open, but you could easily install shutters or blinds that shield the space from the elements.


A gable veranda can be used on its own or in combination with other styles.  If you have a large area that you want covered with a veranda you might choose to have a flat veranda with a gable section in the centre.  A gable will create that extra height to give your veranda definition and aesthetic appeal, and you can have it match in with the rest of your roof line.




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