The presence of ponds and water features is becoming a popular sight in many gardens as home owners look to add a touch of nature and interest to their property surroundings.  There are a multitude of materials that can be used during the installation of a pond; however some are more appropriate than others.  Here we look at the option of using blue slate chippings in your garden pond and the benefits that it can offer.

A fish friendly option

Firstly you don’t have to worry about blue slate chippings having any detrimental health effect on your fish.  As slate is a natural material and doesn’t need to be treated at all during its manufacture, there is no outside agents added that could poison your fish.

Looking good

When you install your pond you are of course going to have to use a pond liner of some type.  Whilst there are various different shades of pond liner available – the most common colours tend to be black and green.  Whilst the pond liner plays and essential role; it doesn’t really provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.  Adding blue slate chippings onto the bottom of your pond and around the edges will give a much more attractive look that will really show off your pond to the maximum.

Improved visibility

You may be wondering why we have especially touched on blue slate chippings in this article when there is of course another colour of slate chippings available in the shade of plum.  The reason that blue bark chippings are especially good in pond areas is that they offer better visibility than plum ones.  This is due to the fact that they are lighter in shade and thus better reflect sunlight.  As a result you are left with a well illuminated pond, which gives you and your guests more opportunity to enjoy the fish that live in your pond.  Where is the sense in spending a lot of money installing a pond and buying some fish for it, then not being able to see them?  Being able to see right to the bottom of the pond also means that you can spot any problems, such as litter and then quickly deal with it.

With safety in mind

The final benefit that blue slate chippings can offer to those installing a garden pond is in the area of safety.  This is because they provide a rough surface that offers good footing, which means if you are unlucky enough to fall into the pond, you should be able to get back out easily enough.