Corrugated parts bins are an economical storage solution for homes, businesses and hospitals. These bins help people organise items that may be easily lost or damaged without the bins. Plastic corrugated bins are easily stackable and organized into a corner should consumers have an issue. Most corrugated bins are affordable and of varying sizes and depths to accommodate the neseds of the user.

Types of Economical Storage Bins

Many storage bins are offered to consumers in a variety of colours and depths. For instance, consumers may obtain one stackable storage bin online for less than one pound in cost. The panels of the storage bins are typically louvred and will ship to the location of choice in 24 to 48 hours. Discounts are frequently offered for large orders or for other purposes. A typical storage bin may be 111mm wide x 153 mm deep and 76 mm high. The price increases with the size of the bin in general.

Uses for Corrugated Bins

In a manufacturing facility or on a construction site, corrugated bins may be used to store nails, hinges, pipe joints, screws, nuts, bolts and other small items. In a medical facility, corrugated bins may be used to store syringes, gloves, masks, CD ROMs and other necessary items. In a pharmacy, corrugated bins may used to hold prescriptions and file them in alphabetical order until the patient returns.

Types of Corrugated Bins Solutions

There are numerous uses for corrugated bins that businesses may take advantage of. In the pharmacy example, an entire wall may be created to hold patient prescriptions. This requires ordering a panel with up to 20 parts bins to keep all of the prescriptions properly organized. Some solutions may even require a “fixing bar” to adhere the bins to the wall. A metal louvred wall may be required to adhere the solution to the wall. Once the metal louvred panel is installed, the plastic bins may be attached to the wall. These panels are also affordable and can be purchased for less than 10 pounds.

Bench units are stand alone units that hold corrugated bins. This is a helpful solution that may require occasional relocation if the wall will not withstand the weight. Bench units are typically less than 40 pounds online. Free standing racks can accommodate different sizes of bins according to the needs of the user.

Corrugated are useful in nearly any environment. The solutions are economical and space-conscious. Purchasing these parts bins for the organizational needs in your home, office or business would be a low cost organisational solution.


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