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When you want to redecorate or if you are moving in a new home and you want to take care of the design, it is always a good idea to take some important things into consideration. First of all, the area where your home is should be in harmony with the design of your home. However, the interior design could be however you prefer. It is a known fact that Bay Area is a metropolitan region, so the multitude of designs that could be found in such a place is dazzling. It is always a good idea to take into consideration your own tastes when you are starting to organize your interior design, but taking some advice is always recommended, because the style will be fresh for you too.

Palo Alto CA is an important city, taking into consideration the important companies that have headquarters there. However, most of the architecture is not very modern, at least the houses aren’t. If you are walking on the street in a neighborhood that has houses, you will notice mostly craftsman and California colonial houses. If you want to do a new kitchen design in your home, you could start by remodeling things a little. After all, although most of the architecture in Palo Alto is old style, it doesn’t mean that kitchens in this area of California all need to look old and dusty.

Bay Area Interior Designer

Bay Area Interior Designer

You could refresh the look of your kitchen by starting to do some kitchen remodels. You can start that by getting some new kitchen counters. These counters can be modern ones, but that have a vintage look. This way, you can even combine modern colors with older counter styles. If you don’t want to get new kitchen cabinets, you could at least replace the counter tops and get new ones.

However, you could get both new cabinets and new counter tops and get a great effect in your kitchen. Note that the colors of the furniture you get in the kitchen need to be suitable for the space you have in there. Because of the same reason, positioning everything is also very important and a must for any worth their weight. For an example, a small kitchen with dark colors would look much smaller and it would be quite unwelcoming. On the other hand, putting brighter colors in a small kitchen could create the optical illusion of a bigger space. In a small kitchen, you could opt for cabinets with windows instead of only hard wood or other material. Windows and mirrors always brighten up places. However, this doesn’t mean that having a small kitchen automatically means putting only white furniture in it.

You can opt for colors such as vanilla yellow, cocoa brown, light grey, pale orange and other colors that are more or less warm and welcoming. You could also get nice lighting in the kitchen. Think about the chandelier or other types of lights in the kitchen as to the kitchen’s accessories.

If you believe that your kitchen doesn’t have enough color in it, you can make a contrast with the chandelier or lamp you put in the kitchen. You can choose black, red, green, blue, orange and any other colors you like in a kitchen that has only neutral colors in it. Also, the chairs in the kitchen could have stronger colors for a nice effect. If you have a really large kitchen, then your options of designing are limitless.

You can even use strong colors everywhere. For an example, you can use dark cabinets and counter tops and you can even go for dark red furniture. As long as the kitchen is big, making it look smaller will definitely not be a problem. However, there needs to be a balance, so it is obvious that if you choose dark furniture, than the floors or at least the walls should be lighter colored.

There is also the option of creating great contrasts. However, if you want to maintain the ambiance of a Palo Alto home, you should go for more neutral colors and eventually make a difference with the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. For keeping the kitchen fresh one tip I got from a was that you can keep fresh flowers on the table all the time, in order to make it more welcoming and pleasant. Also, if things look too dull, you could hire professional wall painters and get some crazy highlighted walls.

If you believe that your tastes could never get you a nicely decorated home, you can always opt for hiring an interior decorator to do the job for you. In many cases, people who deal with this can also get you cheaper prices for painting the walls and sometimes even cheaper furniture, because they work a lot with companies in these domains and oftentimes even have contracts with them.

Just be careful that you are always being informed about what is going to happen in your home, as just because you don’t know how to decorate it yourself does not mean that you couldn’t have objections about some of the stylist’s ideas. You can also call or contact them at:

155 Main St, Los Altos, CA 94022
Phone: (650) 948-7420
(650) 948-1804


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